Non-Scale Victories (NSV). What are they?

A non scale victory is measuring your success or progress in any way other than the scale!

Sometimes, the scale is not where we want it to be. Sometimes, the scale can display a number that puts us in a bad mood all day. We see this number and we base our worth on it. We think "Damn, I must be doing something wrong. I shouldn't eat today. I need to work out more today. I suck!" Seriously though, how we can we go from feeling amazing, confident, and strong... to feeling unworthy based on a number? It doesn't make much sense. Finding other ways than the scale to determine our progress will help us forget about that number and focus your energy on better things!

Here are 11 NSVs we should celebrate!

  1. We have more energy. Keeping up with our kids, not feeling drained in the afternoon, and waking up feeling more refreshed are all awesome benefits of having more energy!
  2. We are sleeping better. Exercise can help us to sleep better. When we are more rested, then we have more energy. When we have more energy then we want to exercise! Win, win, win!
  3. Our clothes fit more comfortably. As our body starts to change we lose inches and things start to feel tighter and then our clothes start to fit more loosely. Strength training builds muscle and helps us to lose fat which tones our entire body!
  4. We feel more confident. This here is one of the greatest feelings in the world! To feel confident in our skin is the ultimate feeling and when we can achieve this it’s definitely a victory!
  5. We feel strong. Building muscle and realizng what we are capable of is truly a gift. When we can perform tasks without help, carry all the groceries in by ourselves, and rearrange the living room furniture alone.. BAM!! That’s strong! Victory!
  6. We are lifting more weight in our workouts. Keeping track of the weight we lift can help us to progress each week by trying to lift more weight and/or perform more reps. It can also be a huge indicator of how far we have come when we can see where we started and where we are now!
  7. We are able to walk farther and run more. Stamina is a great measure of progress and a non scale way to see changes in our health! When we can run without getting winded or walk all day with our family without feeling any aches or pains we can feel accomplished!
  8. We are making healthy choices without second thought. Craving a protein shake or some veggies and dip rather than chips and cookies? When our body starts to crave healthy foods rather than junk food we have made some positive changes!
  9. We feel happy! When we are feeling like we have made progress and we are content with our health and fitness journey, it changes our mood and we feel happier overall!
  10. Others are noticing changes in us. The compliments will start rolling in and we will know that our positive choices and  changes are be noticed by others!
  11. We feel positive. When we feel good about our health and fitness journey our outlook on life changes and we feel more positive overall.

Does it get much better than this? Feeling good in our skin, feeling happy, positive, confident, and energized? These are the changes we should be celebrating! When we feel amazing in all of these ways the number on the scale doesn't matter nearly as much. Celebrate your non scale victories.. OK!?

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