From my own personal experience I used to go out and eat the “special thing” cuz it was a once in a while thing. But, to be honest, I always left feeling bloated, sometimes even got sick and quickly learned that it was OK for me to make a “healthy” choice.

I didn't need to splurge. There is a time and place for that but, it didn't have to be every time. Also, I found myself dreading date night cuz I was afraid I would over do it which made me remember WHY date night was important and it wasn't about the food!

Here are 11 tips to help you start making better choices when going out to eat (they definitely help me!): 

  1. Read the menu before going. 
  2. Remember the real strong plate.
  3. AND then make a decision before going.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for things you want. Asking for sauce on the side or for no bun or for a swap that isn’t on the menu -- whats the worst that can happen? 
  5. Choose your drink wisely and drink water before, during, after.
  6. Eat mindfully (alcohol can change this) and slow down.
  7. Remember your trigger foods -- bread basket, french fries, etc..
  8. Evaluate how your meal is prepared -- fried vs broiled, grilled or roasted.
  9. Evaluate your portions. 
  10. Share/split a dish or break it down right away and put it into a to go box.
  11. Make it about the memory, the event, the visit, instead of the food.

Going out to eat is a part of REAL LIFE. We shouldn't have to say NO to going out and we shouldn't have to feel guilty when we do. This is a perfect example of what being a Real Strong Mom is all about!

Go to that special event. Go to that fancy or fun restaurant. Remember these tips. Eat what makes your body feel good. Most importantly - ENJOY yourself.

xo, Mel






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