Hey mama,

The weekend is SO close...you can almost taste it, right? What if I told you that you could let loose and let your hair down all weekend long while STILL sticking to your Real Strong Lifestyle?

I get it - sometimes temptation takes over when the weekend arrives and sometimes we tend to fall off the wagon a bit. BUT...it doesn't have to be that way!

I'm sharing 11 strategies to combat weekend challenges in order to EAT and MOVE in a way that is actually doable NO MATTER WHAT: 

  1. STOP CHEATING -- cheating feels yucky -- it's a term that brings feelings of guilt and shame -- you don’t need a cheat day or cheat meal when you focus on your 80/20 all year round!
  2. Remember that different choices produce different outcomes. For example: "I'm choosing to eat all the pizza Saturday night. I'll probably feel bloated and overfull afterwards and tonight, I'm fine with it." Don't moralize these decisions. You're not BAD. You're free to eat anything you want.
  3. Aim for good enough over perfect. Give yourself a grade. You didn't get 100% or 0% in school. There were many grades in between -- it's ok to get a decent grade and be on track. 
  4. Let go of food rules and embrace your 80/20. If you believe a food rule that tells you NO carbs and then you have pizza and feel pissed at yourself -- this leads to the "screw it" effect and before you know it the pizza leads to other reasons to BLOW IT! 
  5. Plan ahead. Prep on Friday -- a surefire way to miss the mark on Friday and Saturday is to have an empty fridge and no meal plans. 
  6. Listen to your hunger cues. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you are satisfied.
  7. Plan ahead for special events. For example: Going to have a carb heavy 4 course meal at dinner?Choose more protein and veggies the rest of the day and eat a little “lighter” than usual.
  8. Fill your waters right away. Keep them with you. Just drink the damn water!  
  9. Plan to move your body in a fun way. Incorporate weekend movement like morning walks, makeup workouts, or family activities.
  10. Sleep is GOOD. Rest is good. Let this be a way that you "let loose" and "treat yourself".
  11. Let go of FOMO. Eyes on your own paper -- you do you. You do NOT have to justify your decisions to anyone. Let your actions speak loudly for the new lifestyle that you are creating! 

I hope these tips are helpful when it comes to sticking to your Real Strong Lifestyle and hitting your goals! But, just a quick teeny reminder - if you do find yourself indulging too much or you think you are "falling off the wagon" a bit...DO NOT beat yourself up over it. I'm here to tell ya it's OK to fail at times. In fact, failure leads to growth and that's what I am ALL about!

Enjoy your weekend, Mama!!

xo, Mel

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