There is a lot of the information that we hear on a daily basis and come to believe as TRUE that is completely false.

We are overloaded with misconceptions and untrue statements on the regular and it is our job to decide what we are going to believe so that we can avoid the scams and the health sabotage.

Stop believing these 27 myths and stop frustration NOW!

  1. We need to count our calories. While having a good idea what we put into your body is always a good idea and it works for some. It is NOT necessary for fat loss.
  2. We need to eat more meals throughout the day. This simply does not matter, we can eat 1 or 10 meals a day and our fat loss results will not vary. It isn’t the number of meals that matters at all.
  3. We have to do LOTS of cardio. If we want to burn fat we need to have muscle on our body. Hours of steady state cardio does nothing for our fat loss other than eat away at our muscle! Opt for a mix of strength training HIIT instead.
  4. Eat less fat to lose fat. Fat will not make us fat. Eating fat has many health benefits and it helps to keep us satisfied and less hungry throughout the day.
  5. We need to lose weight before we can build muscle. Like stated above the more muscle we have on our body the more fat we can burn even after we are done exercising. Strength training is good for us no matter where we are on our fat loss journey.
  6. Lift light weights for a lot of reps. Lifting light weights is like doing lots of low intensity cardio… it simply won’t change our body because we aren’t challenging our body. In order to build muscle we have to increase the demand on our muscles to stimulate muscle growth.
  7. If you eat at night you will get fat. While closing the kitchen after dinner is a good idea to minimize night time snacking and allow our body to get into a fasting state to rebuild and repair as we sleep rather than digest... simply eating at night will not make us fat.
  8. We can target fat loss. We can do as many crunches as we want to target our belly but what happens here is we build abdominal muscle but do nothing to the fat around it. We simply can’t target fat loss.
  9. Lifting weights will make me bulky. Women simply do not have the same hormonal make up as men and therefore will not build muscle and look "manly or bulky." It’s just not possible. We can however tone our bodies and build the lean toned look we all desire by lifting heavy weights.
  10. Detoxes work. This is all a scam, every pill, powder, and magic potion out there is false advertising. Our body has everything in it that we need to detoxify our body. And there will never be lasting effects from anything that promises you will lose an abundance of fat in 3 days.
  11. Carbs are the enemy. The truth here is that fruits and vegetables are carbs. And we all know that they play an important role in a healthy diet.. So what gives? Well, most starchy carbs like breads, crackers, and pasta really should be eaten minimally for fat loss. But non-starchy vegetables that are high in water and fiber content are amazing carbs that will aid greatly in your fat loss.
  12. We need to be at the gym for at least an hour. This simply isn’t true. And nobody has time for this!! We can get a quick and effective workout in 20 minutes or less if we are doing the right exercises!
  13. We have to give up the foods we love. When we restrict foods and take them out of our diet completely the result is always a binge. The more we think about not having these foods the more we want them. Try instead to incorporate them occasionally and allow yourself the foods that you enjoy on a regular basis.
  14. If we are exercising we don’t have to watch what we eat. Many people overestimate the number of calories burned during exercise. This can cause us to think we can eat more as a reward for our exercise. This actually forms an unhealthy relationship with exercise thinking we should do more to eat more. We need to have a healthy balanced relationship with our nutrition as well as exercise.
  15. We need to get used to being miserable and hungry if we are trying to lose fat. The goal of finding plan that we can follow long term is to be satisfied and happy with the way that we are eating everyday. We should not be hungry at all if we are eating in a way that fuels our body.
  16. No alcohol. Saying that alcohol must be out is the same as restricting our food or cutting foods out completely. We absolutely can enjoy a drink or two on occasion and still stay focused on our goals.
  17. Using protein powder will make me gain weight. Protein powder is not a necessary part of a fat loss diet but using a protein powder is a quick, easy, awesome way to get in some quality nutrients. High protein meals are a great way to stay full and satisfied and using a protein powder won’t do anything other than help you reach your daily protein goals and keep you full and satisfied!!

Doing what works for you is always my motto but often we can wonder. "But how do I know where to start? How do I know what's best?" Diet rules suck but having a little guidance is totally necessary. I hear from moms every day that are tired of all the information overload bullshit and just want to know how to sift through it all.

That is why I created a NEW FREE guide Fast Start your Fat Loss. No, I am not promising you fat loss fast, but I am promising that you will quickly gain the knowledge you need to get started on your fat loss journey with the best proven food and fitness strategies out there. Download your FREE guide HERE! 

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