When I was junior high I was the biggest of all of my friends --

and growing up my older sister was always smaller than me and it was pointed out to me that I was "bigger" allllll the time...

I can’t remember a time that I wasn't worried about my weight..

When I think back to these times I feel a sense of desperation -- I remember feeling like I would have done anything to change my situation, to be small like my friends and my sister… to not have to worry about my weight all the time -- I really would have given anything..

and thats what I did

I tried every fad diet, every new workout program, and every quick fix I could find -- I believed it all -- cuz I would have spent my last dollar to end the complete desperation I felt about myself and my body.

I know you hear me and your heart aches as you listen cuz you were here too.. at some point your body failed you too and you felt lost and desperate..

I know mama, I really know..

And so I have this fear..

I have this fear that you will think that what I have set out to teach you is not enough..

cuz, well, I have nothing to sell.

I can’t give you a pill, a shake, a cream, a wrap, or anything for that matter that you can hold in your hand and pretend is the answer to all your desperation.

So will you think it’s not enough?

Will you question me and wonder WTF is this lady even doing?

I’m scared that you will think that what I have to share with you is too basic, it’s too easy, it’s too simple to even work..

But I will take that risk -- I have to -- cuz I have been desperate before...

And now I am desperate once again..

to help you find the truth

to help you find your way

to be the person that gives you hope..

the kind of hope that you discover through working at something -- not the kind you find in a pill..

so click here to take my mini course -- it’s free, it's basic, and it's REAL


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