Summer is quickly approaching! Which means, our calendars are filling up with all the parties, BBQs, and special events. When we are watching what we eat and working toward our weight loss goals the "out of the ordinary" meals can cause us issues, anxiety, and fear. When we let these emotions get the best of us we will most likely binge on crap and derail from our plan.

So instead of thinking that the next summer party is a special occasion to eat some “bad” food. Why not think of it as just another day. Just another meal. Sure it will be a special time and the food will be different than normal but what makes the event special and different can be about more than the food!

We enjoy these times because we are having fun, feeling joyful, relaxed, and spending time with our families and friends...not only because of what we are eating.

So if having a snack or a meal during this event is just the same as everyday then:

  • We don't need to EAT IT ALL.
  • We don't need to EAT MORE than normal.
  • We don't even HAVE to eat it if we don't want to.

We should just eat. And be mindful.

Keep your goals in mind and enjoy yourself.

Eating on the weekends, at events, parties, in the summer, and on vacation...CAN and SHOULD be just the same as everyday. If you are enjoying what you eat today and everyday then there will be less bingeing and no restricting.

This is a lifestyle of eating food you love ALL of the time with balance and moderation. Using balance and moderation means that we eat the same during the week as we do on the weekends. It means we enjoy the foods we love moderately and often instead of bingeing them.

Here are the top five mistakes we all make when we are trying to “watch what we eat.”

  1. We restrict - We tell ourselves we can't eat ANY food or we skip meals. This will just make us MORE hungry and when our hunger is out of check we are more likely to eat ALL the food.
  2. We forbid ourselves from certain foods - telling yourself you can’t have any chocolate will make you want it more. The more you think about not having something will only make you think about wanting it more. You will be much better off allowing yourself to enjoy these foods in moderation occasionally than eliminating them completely.
  3. We try to change too many things at once - Changing your ways and changing or developing a habit takes time. Trying to change too many things at one time will just set you up for failure. One step at time. One habit at a time. One big change to your system and your life at a time.
  4. We force ourselves to eat food we don't enjoy - I don't like Kale. I tried to like Kale but I just DO NOT like it. Bleh! If you don't like it then you aren't enjoying what you eat. If you aren't enjoying what you eat then you will be less satisfied overall.
  5. We got caught up in the small rocks - You are wasting your time if you are worrying about salad dressing and sauces like BBQ and Ketchup. Instead focus on the big rocks. Are you eating 3 meals a day and 7 snacks? Well then let's take a look at all the snacks. Are you eating a bowl of ice cream and a bottle of wine every night? Let’s take a look at that! Don't sweat the small stuff, look at the big picture. What are the big things that make up your day of eating? Anything big that could use a change?

Have a special event coming up this weekend? What will you be eating?

Whatever it is I hope you enjoy yourself and every bite. But even more so, I hope you can feel good about the decisions you make. If you can find balance and moderation in your lifestyle then what happens at the party won't leave you feeling guilty or unhappy with yourself.

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