One of the things that women tell me they struggle with the most is consistency. So many of us want more than anything to be consistent with our health and fitness goals but it often seems no matter how hard we try we can't seem to be consistent long term. In my LIVE chat about consistency I cover the reasons we struggle and 5 tools to help us be more consistent starting today. You can click the image below to watch a quick 10 minute chat with me about consistency.


Why do we struggle with consistency?

  • We go all in at a level we can not maintain.
  • We don’t focus on ONE thing at at a time.
  • We are NOT doing the things that we enjoy and the things that are doable in our life
  • We constantly feel like doing MORE is better.
  • We focus on perfection instead of progress
  • We fail to make what we are working on a priority


What can we do today to be more consistent?

1st let’s be realistic with our expectations -- we can not just become more consistent overnight. And just having a plan to be “more consistent” is unrealistic because it's so broad - we need to be more specific with our plan!

  • Set SMALL specific goals - 1 focus a week (master and move on)
  • Be Flexible with yourself - Set a schedule but have a backup plan.
  • Plan for failure. We can not be perfect all the time - we have to plan for setbacks and times when life doesn't go as planned. 
  • Hold yourself accountable. Write it down - mark your calendar - use the paperclip system.
  • Think Positively. Instead of thinking "I can't do this" - turn it around and say "I can TRY" - Try to eliminate negative thinking.

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