The 5 Day Habit Challenge

Challenge yourself to simplify weight loss for the last time

Have you ever thought, "I know what to do -- WHY can't I DO it?"

or maybe..."I know what to do -- WHY can't I STICK with it?

join the challenge for the proven step by step process for losing weight, keeping it off and changing your lifestyle for good.   

In 5 days we will:


Take 'one step at a time' action creating simple, doable and easy to be consistent with habits that feel good in your daily life.


Go over how to simplify nutrition so knowing WHAT to eat is less overwhelming.


Discover how easy & enjoyable daily movement can be when you let go of "rules" and discover what feels best for YOU. 


Uncover how stress management and sleep impacts your success. 


Finally make the switch from being "on another diet" to "changing your lifestyle" once and for all. You will learn the BASICS, implement them, realize that consistency with the BASICS is all you need and then.. REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT.

we start Jan 8th. click to join the free 5 day habit challenge

What you'll get: 


A daily video and worksheet for each topic we'll be covering


A daily live group Q&A during the event to answer any questions you may have


Access to our challenge Facebook group to meet others and help you take action

finally lose the weight, keep it off

and change your lifestyle for good.

"I am humbled and inspired to be a part of such an uplifting, kind, and thoughtful group. Melanie Lund, you've created something beautiful and life changing for so many. Thank you.

Consistency, self-discipline, and baby steps truly make a difference.

At the beginning of 2020, I decided to do ONE thing this year to help me become healthier. I started doing 10 pushups every day. I decided each month I would add five more (March 15 pushups, April 20 pushups, etc.). I am currently at 60 pushups each day. I did the math and even surprised myself... I have done 11,765 pushups for 2020. I have achieved my goal by taking baby steps. Ten pushups was doable and then I continued to challenge myself. 

I hope you ladies believe in yourself like Melanie, myself, and the others do. Life happens and things will come up. Start small, be consistent, focus on the basics.

You are worth it. Cheers to the new year!"

meet your coach:

I'm Melanie

I’m Melanie! Food & Fitness coach and founder of Real Strong Mom! My mission is to help women quit dieting and learn how to eat & move in their life without "rules' and BS products. 

I do this by helping women who’ve “tried it all” finally become healthy, strong, and confident in their bodies once and for all using simple, doable habits they can be consistent with! 

Restrictive diets are keeping you stuck -- yet most women believe that dieting is the only way to lose weight and keep it off.

When I started out I was frustrated... the thought of starting another program and failing AGAIN was unbearable -- yet I truly believed there was no other way.. if you are feeling the same -- I GET IT! But now I know better and I can teach you to:

Stop getting on and off the wagon, quit the binge and restrict cycle and create habits you don't hate.

YEP -- you can stop obsessing over food and fitness -- because the way that we do this WILL be enjoyable in your daily life.

The 5 Day Habit Challenge is the first step in learning the strategies to stop dieting and start creating a healthy lifestyle where food & fitness FITS FOR YOU.

Challenge yourself to a Better 2024 with Real Strong Mom by your side! 

"I started with the Real Strong Coaching Club after a 3-Day RESET 2.5 years ago.

I was frustrated with myself for getting to the heaviest weight I had been and was in pain daily. I tried every diet out there and each time gaining it all back plus some extra.

I am happy to say after 2.5 years, I have less pain in my joints and I get to eat the things I enjoy! I have lost weight, become stronger, and have my some great friends along the way!!" 

Real Strong Coaching Club Member Lindsey F.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

When does the challenge take place? January 8-12

Where does the challenge take place? In a private FB group that you will be invited to after sign up.

What if I miss the LIVES? Everything can be REPLAYED Jan 8-12 and for one week after.

"Y’all, I spent years blaming myself for not being able to make colored containers and increasingly longer workout commitments work in my life. Things were going so well until they weren’t.‌

I went from stay at home mom, with increasingly older kiddos, to working 30 plus hours a week during the school year. It rocked my world. And I blamed myself for not staying the course.‌

But the RSM Club and Melanie recently blew my mind and my mindset by saying it wasn’t me. It was the that the program wasn’t right for me or sustainable for the long term.

In the RSM Club, I call the shots. I decide what works for me and what doesn’t It has been SO freeing!‌

The support is out of this world and I never would have believed I could laugh my way through an early morning workout.

I’m so happy I joined the club this May and I hope you give it a try, too!"

Real Strong Coaching Club Member Joey L.

After my first year in the club, I wore a BIKINI on vacation with my husband! My tummy hadn’t felt the warmth of the sunshine in almost 14 years! I seriously almost cried. IT was such an amazing thing to feel confident enough to be in public in a two piece swimsuit.

I wouldn’t have gotten there if I wouldn’t have ever been introduced to Melanie Lund and the one of a kind community of fierce, raw, and compassionate women she has created.

I followed Melanie’s advice…and I TRUSTED the process.

There were days it felt like I wasn’t making any progress. There were days when I had zero motivation and wanted to give up. Shit, there were days that I gave up. But I never stayed away long. The women in this group hold you accountable. They inspire the hell out of you. And the mindset shift, the confidence and the way you FEEL keeps you coming back to your basics. I promise you! I tried everything. Weight Watchers multiple times. Keto. Busting my ass at a gym for 1 hour at a time, 5 days a week, and having a trainer crawl down my throat about how I need to “eat clean”. I’ve drank the drinks, I’ve swallowed the supplements.

Sure…some may have worked. Until they didn’t and real life gets in the way.

We’ve all been there, ladies. You deserve to invest in yourself, your health, and ultimately, your family’s health. You deserve to feel good. You deserve to be proud of yourself!

There are not contracts. There is nothing binding you to the club. Join us for the 5-Day Challenge. Give it a whirl! If it isn’t for you after the 5-days, no harm in not sticking around! Although, I promise you won’t want to leave!

Real Strong Coaching Club Member Sam K.

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