Your food & fitness journey isn’t a race. When you join RSM, you are committing to creating BASIC habits and building a foundation that you can lean into and lean on FOR LIFE. This is a journey, not a race with an end goal. The goal is instead to build habits one by one that create a lifestyle that you feel amazing about!

Lifestyle. This is a word that I want you to take pretty darn seriously when you think about your journey as a Real Strong Mom. The process of building habits and systems that are sustainable for life is you creating a lifestyle

The definition of a lifestyle is: The way in which a person lives.

So it's the:

  • Things you do the
  • The values you have
  • Your priorities
  • Your choices
  • Your actions
  • Who you are 
  • What you eat
  • Who you identify as 
  • The habits you build
  • And so much more...!

If you ask me about the real strong lifestyle and what the guidelines are to LIVE REAL STRONG, I will tell you a few things things about the journey...because it's not a race with a finish's more of a marathon with no end. I want you to embrace the idea that the way you eat and move should FIT in your life in a way that feels good! These are not things that start and stop for you. They are things that have become a way of life for you!

Here are the 7 ways to WIN the Real Strong Lifestyle:

  1. Our BASIC habits matter most. These are the things that are FIRST. They are simple and doable and matter more than anything else!
  2. You've got to keep it SIMPLE! Overcomplicating things is how we fail. The purpose of the BASICS is simple guidelines to creating habits and systems that build a “program”. A LIFESTYLE that's best for you.
  3. Automating BASIC habits in YOUR life, in a way that works best FOR YOU -- is the ONLY way it works long term. We won’t all do these things in the same way. We will each do it differently and you’ll have to do the work to figure out how it works best.
  4. Find freedom and recognize how it feels! What are YOUR RULES???? What are the things that you need to happen each day for you to feel success? Keep yourself in check by checking in with your rules and paying attention to YOU and when you need it.
  5. Create effortless balance around all the things. Meet yourself in the middle. Do not feel pressured to be ALL IN, ALL THE TIME. Say yes when it feels good and feel good saying no when you need to!
  6. Challenge yourself and your basics often. Keep your BASICS at the top of your mind. Recognize their importance in your life and how they make you feel.
  7. LAST ONE: These are not things you start and stop! The BASICS are always present at some level or another. These are things that have become a way of life for you! 

“You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”


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