I opened my email today to this subject line:

Thank You!

I clicked.

Not thinking too much about who it was from or why they were thanking me I opened and read the email.

What started as thank you for the free challenge, thank you for the progress I am making in my jeans, and thank you for inviting me to the club where I feel welcome and at home… turned into this:

I know you've heard it before .... but you are really doing something amazing here Melanie. Like,  REALLY amazing.  So right now I want you to do something for me. Take a really deep breath, exhale, then do it again.  Now say to yourself "I am making a difference in the world... really truly, making a difference." Billions of people roam this earth. But it's the ones making a difference that make it count. Thanks for making it count Melanie! ?

I took a deep breath.

I let it out.

I took another deep breath.

I let it out…

I put my elbows on my desk, clasped my hands together and rested my head into my hands as I said to myself through tears, "I am making a difference in the world, really truly making a difference."

I didn't know that I needed to hear this today. But I did.

I didn't know that I needed to cry today. But I did.

You see… there are days when I wonder..

Is what I am doing good enough?

Am I there for you when you need me?

Do you feel heard and supported?

Are you making progress towards your goals?

So in honor of a Thank You to me -- I want to Thank YOU and ask you to please tell me how I can serve you better?

Click HERE and share ONE thing that you really need right now -- cuz in order for me to continue to truly make a difference in the world -- it starts with you -- one mama at a time

Xo Mel

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