What feels overwhelming lately?

The how to eat? The what to cook?

Or maybe for you it’s the..

What exercises do I do? Or the "how am I going to find the time for that shit.. "

Mama, you are NOT alone.. and your overwhelm really isn't your fault. If you're spinning about where to start with food & fitness -- well then the health and fitness industry has done its job cuz it seems that is all they are good at -- confusing the heck out of us..

But I didn't become a coach to take the lead of an industry that wants to sell you products and programs that leave the "helping you" part out and fill it with confusing mumbo jumbo that makes you question if you will EVER lose the weight, eat food you love, and live a normal life without dieting AGAIN..

Nope, I became a coach to help mamas like Sara.

Sara works all day and picks her kids up from daycare late every evening -- she struggles each and every night with wanting to cook a healthy meal for her family, spend time with her kids, clean her house, and enjoy tv time with her hubby… she does it all -- every single night -- she feeds them, does homework with them, cleans up after them, and sits with them -- cuz that is the mama she wants to be… (raise your hand if you can relate!!)

Sara also wants to wake up early to exercise because it's the only time that she has to make it happen and she feels better when she makes the time for herself too…

But when Sara came to me for help she was too tired, overwhelmed, and exhausted to change one thing.. Let alone her whole situation...

I needed her to know that although it wasn't her fault -- it WAS on her to do something about it..

So with Sara we started simply working on ONE thing at a time --

  • Spending less than an hour making a plan (grocery list, meal plans, and a little prep) for the week each Sunday
  • Making a dinner menu that was easy to get on the table quickly so she had more time for her family
  • Letting go of some of the cleaning and delegating some of the chores
  • Setting a bed time that helped her get to bed at a time that allowed her to get up on time each morning
  • Helping her to realize that a 20 minute workout was ENOUGH and helping her schedule in walks with her kids to double down on family time and movement..

Sara is still one of the busiest mamas I know but she's happier than she has ever been simply because she is finding ways to make REAL food and REAL fitness work in her REAL life with less overwhelm.

I hope this helps you see that your own overwhelming situation doesn't have to be so damn overwhelming -- and if it did you should get your booty in the Real Strong Coaching Club where we are spending our Sunday doing a little prep, a little planning, and a whole lotta of enjoying time with our families as we get ready to rock another awesome week!

Xo Mel


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