Friday marks the beginning of the weekend whoop whoop ??? buuuuuut it’s also just a day like any other..

??‍♀️ will you workout for 20 minutes and eat 80/20?

... or will today be the start of a binge that you will regret on Monday?

The Real Strong Lifestyle (also known as creating a REAL doable relationship with REAL food and REAL fitness) says today is a day like any other

... when we like the way we eat EVERY SINGLE day of the week there is no need to overdo it on the weekend..

Can I get an Amen?? ??????

Make this weekend different..

or the same.. ??? however you want to look at it..

What’s the hardest part of the weekend for you??

Cocktails? ?
Dinners out? ?
Lack of routine? ?
Feeling like you were “good” all week and you deserve a treat? ?

If any of the above are things you are struggling with today and every time a weekend rolls around -- I can help! Take my FREE mini course HERE - it's 3 easy videos delivered right to your email -- and it's exactly what you need to STOP the weekend binge.. i got you mama!

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What's Your Diet Demon?

Even with your best intentions, your fitness and diet plans don't seem to work out. What's the deal? Find out what little demon is behind the annoying cycle you can't seem to break.

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