Friday marks the beginning of the weekend whoop whoop ??? buuuuuut it’s also just a day like any other..

??‍♀️ will you workout for 20 minutes and eat 80/20?

... or will today be the start of a binge that you will regret on Monday?

The Real Strong Lifestyle (also known as creating a REAL doable relationship with REAL food and REAL fitness) says today is a day like any other

... when we like the way we eat EVERY SINGLE day of the week there is no need to overdo it on the weekend..

Can I get an Amen?? ??????

Make this weekend different..

or the same.. ??? however you want to look at it..

What’s the hardest part of the weekend for you??

Cocktails? ?
Dinners out? ?
Lack of routine? ?
Feeling like you were “good” all week and you deserve a treat? ?

If any of the above are things you are struggling with today and every time a weekend rolls around -- I can help! Take my FREE mini course HERE - it's 3 easy videos delivered right to your email -- and it's exactly what you need to STOP the weekend binge.. i got you mama!

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