The first time I saw this I thought it was a joke..

But ladies, it’s not.

And it’s the biggest load of bullshit.

This is a real “plan” that thousands of women have liked, downloaded, and tried in hopes to drop a few pounds fast. Real women who have put their all in this plan only to have their hopes crushed.

This shit is everywhere and it teaches us nothing.

When we do these plans we deprive ourselves of just about everything and then when 7 days is over and we get back into real life food without restriction and then we binge and we over do it. Annnnd then we feel like shit, we feel like we failed miserably..

But it really wasn’t us who failed it’s the 7 day challenge freak of a person who tried to sell us this not-maintainable-long-term plan.. this person sucks and doesn’t care about what happens to us now or after the 7 days is over.

We deserve to learn the tools for long term success so that we can enjoy all the things in life without the vicious restrict and binge cycle.

There really is a way to do this that doesn’t require a long list of things that we are NOT allowed.

Yoyo dieting is the outcome of these plans. We restrict and lose and then when we no longer restrict we gain it all back PLUS some. Then we restrict again and we lose and then we gain and then we lose and then we… You get the point, right?

I would like to tell you that the problem here is not you or me or my neighbor who keeps telling me “this is the one” every other week or the mama who is trying to “fix” herself in 21 days… But the reality is that we are the problem. Because as long as we continue to believe that we can quick fix ourselves, that we can lose 10 pounds in 1 week or tone our bodies overnight, and as long as we believe in detox crap and shrink wraps - we are allowing ourselves to be the victim of these scams and we are the problem.

The health and fitness industry makes billions of dollars a year on our insecurities and our belief that we can quickly lose weight, that we need to be fixed, that we have to restrict and cut out all the foods we love and beat ourselves up for hours a day doing exercise we hate…And they will not be stopping anytime soon. As long as we continue to fall for all of this bullshit we will continue to be our biggest obstacle. Yes we are holding ourselves back from what we really want. And the only solution to this massive crisis? Us. We are the only solution. It is only us that can change and make the decision to stop buying into the scams.

We need to stop letting them control us and learn what we need to do to make a long term lifestyle change so that we don’t ever need to “diet” again, so that we can exercise daily because we want to not because we have to.

We will never find the answers in a magic pill or in a restrictive quick fix… Never, I promise.

xo Mel

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