Close the kitchen....say whaaat?!

After dinner, are you someone who....

lounges on the couch with a big ole bowl of popcorn?

watches t.v. with your fave bag of potato chips?

splits a gallon of ice cream with your other half during movie time?

Here's a REAL simple solution: CLOSE THE DAMN KITCHEN!!!

Oh, I know, I know.. its easier said than done but mama setting your intentions and making the declaration that the KITCHEN IS CLOSED is actually gonna help you make a plan and stick to it...

Wanna avoid the evening snacking that feels like its ruining all the progress you're making?

Here are a few tips on how to commit to closing the kitchen every evening after dinner:

  1. Craving something sweet? Have it now or it's NOT happening
  2. After dinner...wipe down those counters, turn off the lights and don't return to the kitchen until morning
  3. Have your kids go in and get their own snack before bed. That helps me refrain from nibbling on their snacks before serving it to them if they just grab their snacks themselves

Things that can help you successfully keep that kitchen CLOSED: tea, cocoa, sparkling water in a wine glass and avoiding the couch (if the couch is what triggers you to think MMM ICE CREAM). Just grab your tea and head for the bath tub! Relaxing while also avoiding the night time snackies? It's a win-win!!

Closing the kitchen also starts your "fasting" window.

What is fasting?

  • Fasting is not a diet; rather an eating pattern 
  • Fasting is not eating anything for a certain length of time
  • It’s making a conscious decision to skip certain meals on purpose

Overnight fasting has many benefits and you may already be “fasting” overnight without even knowing it! Closing the kitchen after dinner and not opening it again until breakfast could be a fasting window of 12-14 hours… Let's say 8pm - 8am or 6pm - 8am. 

Here are some of the benefits of doing this:

  • It gives your body and your digestive system a breather and time for recovery and repair.
  • It gives your immune system a break.
  • It allows your body to access stored calories and fats.
  • If you are always eating then your body is using the food you are eating as fuel -- so the longer you fast the more of an opportunity you have to dip in to the fat stores on your body for energy.
  • My personal favorite benefit -- it allows for less time to screw up..

I know it might sound scary at first but, closing the kitchen is a GOOD thing. I'm challenging you to close that kitchen after dinner and take mental notes of how you start to feel. I bet you won't regret it!

xo, Mel

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