In the Real Strong Coaching Club our focus is on creating consistency and routine with the BASICS that turn into sustainable life habits for us.

How you want the BASICS to fit in your real life is up to you.. 

But we work on creating the systems, routines and consistent habits that allow the BASICS to feel easy, simple, and do-able no matter what.

I am willing to bet that you think consistency means doing things perfectly all the time...

Never messing up 

Nailing every day

Never seeing fluctuations in your weight, motivation or energy for this lifestyle...

But guess what? 

Not even the most dedicated real strong moms have PERFECT DAYS every day.

Because perfection isn’t real or doable long term. 

Consistency is what we are aiming for and consistency means that:

Sometimes we will screw up

Sometimes we will take a few steps backward before we go forwards and get the hang of things.. 

Sometimes enjoying REAL life means we will make decisions that impact our journey but we do them aware of the freedom that this lifestyle allows us! 

It’s important to identify your own BASICS (a few things that you prioritize first over anything else) because when these things get done, everything else just seems to fall into place. 

In the Real Strong Coaching Club we have 5 basics that matter most. 

Every day. Every week. Every month. Every year.

Nothing else matters if our BASICS aren’t met.

No pressure to DO ALL THE THINGS at once. 

Just the BASICS. 

Feeling like you need to do ALL THE THINGS is holding you back from doing anything -- and this is why so many of us struggle with consistency. 

Let go of what other people are doing, stop paying attention to the newest fad diets, and keep your eyes on your own paper.

Pick a few BASIC things that are BIG dial movers and do them every day. 

Stop getting OVERWHELMED in details that don’t matter. 

Just focus on one basic at a time (as difficult and awkward as that feels) and see how it feels to be successful. Once that feeling hits -- you’ll use that success as motivation to focus on another BASIC area.

Progress over perfection. 

Something is better than nothing. 

Simple BASIC & Doable = Long Term success and lifestyle change.


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