are you tired of starting over?

Jumping from program to program? BeachBody, Keto, Weight watchers, 21 day fix, anyone?

and you're finally ready to find something that sticks??

Me too mama, me too...

How much TIME have you wasted on a DIET?

Ever lost the weight and gained it back and felt more defeated than ever?

How many diets have left you HUNGRY?

If you want to learn how to have success on your terms, live a REAL life without strict diet rules and hours spent working out... then you NEED this course.

Hey mama
I'm Melanie

I wasted YEARS jumping from fad diet to diet always searching for the next best pill, shake, magic potion, and crazy fitness program I finally discovered "LOSE 20 POUNDS ON THIS SOUP DIET IN ONE WEEK" is a LIE.

It didn't work for me and it's not going to work for you!

I needed to find something that worked that I could stick with. 

I stopped dieting and started LIVING again and NOW I want to show you how too.

I learned to ignore the quick fix BS and STOPPED allowing myself to be scammed by the shady health and fitness industry.

I lost the weight, kept it off, got stronger than ever before. I built up my confidence in the process and now I teach people like you how to do the same.


In this FREE course I am going to teach you how to create a LIFESTYLE around REAL food & REAL fitness that fits in your REAL life and here's what you are going to learn:


How YOU CAN create a simple, doable, and consistent lifestyle around food -- WITHOUT all the RULES! 


How YOU CAN create simple, doable, consistent habits around fitness.workout program that FITS your busy mama life in only 20 minutes a few days a week.


How YOU can let go of being perfect and discover that something will always be better than nothing and consistently doing something good will always be better than occasionally doing something perfect... 

Start the FREE course TODAY!

A series of 3 lessons will be sent to your email!

Each email will include a video & VIP info

It's NOT a diet, It's a lifestyle! 

3 things you MUST KNOW!

What people are saying... 

"I am outdoing my husband in push-ups! ??

I had multiple people tell me I look good and happier!

I had pants on yesterday that I could barely button 10 weeks ago falling off of me all day!

I had my hubby tell me “your ass is looking real nice!” ?

What people are saying... 

I had my son tell me I have muscles and try to do some weights with me!

I was able to dance hard around the kitchen without getting breathless.

I really listened to my body with food this week and noticed that anything unhealthy gave me an upset stomach.

I noticed I have less sugar cravings and passed on a piece of chocolate birthday pie (first time EVER, and it didn’t even look good!)

What people are saying... 

I successfully pushed myself to get 10,000+ steps in M-F this week!

I can put my knee high boots on without having to unzip them! (I had no idea I was losing calf fat! ?)

I’ve lost 13 pounds in 10 weeks and have lost more inches than I thought

I feel REALLY good!"

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