Wanna lose weight (for good) without hating your life in the process?

What if this Fall you could get 

Back  To  Basics

without restriction?

a 3 day challenge to help you ditch diets with basic habits that last

You don’t need another program that you can’t keep up with... are you ready for one that works?

Wish you could STOP starting over all the time with the fear of another failed diet attempt?

Now that summer is over do you have good intentions to get back on the wagon but you are worried about life getting in the way (like it always does) and failing AGAIN? You're just not sure its the "right" time..

but it never feels "right" and when you can't juggle it all you..

Will you quit…  AGAIN?????


Creating food & fitness habits that FIT in your life is important because life is never going to stop happening around you and there is never going to be a perfect time to start the perfect program, but sometimes it can just seem like too much to tackle alone, right?


Come join us September 15-17. You’ll get all the info you need to get #BackToTheBasics.

You’ll have all the tools to start creating habits that are simple and doable to carry you into the changing seasons.


Everything that you will learn will be easy for you to implement right now AND be consistent with long term.


No more jumping from program to program wondering if THIS is the diet that will finally work for you. 


No more feeling guilty that you’re signing up for ANOTHER diet that you might fail at. 


No more waiting for someone else to give you permission to finally put yourself first and take REAL control of the healthy life you dream about.

Hey, I'm Melanie!

I help busy mamas - just like you! - who’ve “tried it all” finally become healthy, strong, and confident in their bodies once and for all. When I started out I was frustrated... the thought of starting another program and failing AGAIN was unbearable.

I added dumbbells to my exercise routine, started spending LESS time in my workouts and I was actually seeing change in the way I looked.

I learned a few basic things about nutrition and started eating more of the foods I loved everyday.

Now I am seeing my body change like never before, I've lost the weight, kept it off and I can't wait for you to see the exact same results in your body.

We'll Cover: 


What BASIC habits are most important and why they matter.


How adding more of the "right" things works better than restriction/elimination and the biggest mistakes women make with this.


How to take the first steps and trust in the process, even if it's different from everything you've tried before.


And as always in a Real Strong Mom challenge.. we'll TAKE ACTION. There will be LIVE workouts, LIVE chats, and you'll get all the tools you need to RESET for FALL!