DONE doing diets? ready for simple doable food & fitness and real lifestyle change? 

What if this Fall you could get 

Back  To  Basics

without restriction and hating your life in the process?

a 3 day challenge to help you ditch diets with basic habits that last

You don’t need another program that you can’t keep up with... are you ready for one that works?

Wish you could STOP starting over all the time with the fear of another failed diet attempt?

Now that summer is over do you have good intentions to get back on the wagon but you are worried about life getting in the way (like it always does) and failing AGAIN? You're just not sure its the "right" time..

but it never feels "right" and when you can't juggle it ALL...

Will you quit…  AGAIN?????

Creating food & fitness habits that FIT in your life is important because life is never going to stop happening around you and there is never going to be a perfect time to start the perfect program, but sometimes it can just seem like too much to tackle alone, right?


Come join us September 14-16. You’ll get all the info you need to get #BackToBasics.

You’ll have all the tools to start creating habits that are simple and doable to carry you into the changing seasons.

Hey Mama!

I’m Melanie! Food & Fitness coach and founder of Real Strong Mom! 

My mission is to help women quit dieting and discover real food and real fitness in their real lives.

I do this by helping women who’ve “tried it all” finally become healthy, strong, and confident in their bodies once and for all using simple, doable habits they can be consistent with! 

Restrictive diets are keeping you stuck -- yet most women believe that dieting is the only way to lose weight and keep it off.

When I started out I was frustrated... the thought of starting another program and failing AGAIN was unbearable -- yet I truly believed there was no other way.. 

I teach women to: 

Stop getting on and off the wagon, quit the binge and restrict cycle and find balance in moderation. 

Stop obsessing over food and fitness so that they can find an enjoyable way to eat and move consistently in their daily life. 

Stop feeling guilty for enjoying life.

And the #BackToBasics challenge is the first step in learning the strategies to stop dieting and start creating a healthy lifestyle where food & fitness fits.

It's time to GET BACK TO BASICS!


In our 3 days together we will:


Keep it simple.. uncovering what to eat and how to move and WHY your mindset matters -- MOST.


Identify dieting red flags... uncovering the BS so you can start something unlike anything you have ever done before.


Learn the exact steps needed to shift from "dieter" to changing your lifestyle for good.


Learn about which super simple BASIC habits are most important and why consistency with them = success.


Create your own real strong roadmap to start seeing immediate AND sustainable changes.


TAKE ACTION!!! As always in a Real Strong Mom challenge... we'll TAKE ACTION. There will be LIVE workouts, LIVE chats, and you'll get all the tools you need to RESET in the New Year!

Let's Get Back To Basics! 

"I am humbled and inspired to be a part of such an uplifting, kind, and thoughtful group. Melanie Lund, you've created something beautiful and life changing for so many. Thank you.

Consistency, self-discipline, and baby steps truly make a difference.

At the beginning of 2020, I decided to do ONE thing this year to help me become healthier. I started doing 10 pushups every day. I decided each month I would add five more (March 15 pushups, April 20 pushups, etc.). I am currently at 60 pushups each day. I did the math and even surprised myself... I have done 11,765 pushups for 2020. I have achieved my goal by taking baby steps. Ten pushups was doable and then I continued to challenge myself. 

I hope you ladies believe in yourself like Melanie, myself, and the others do. Life happens and things will come up. Start small, be consistent, focus on the basics.

You are worth it."

This challenge is perfect for you if you answer "yes!" to any of the following:

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off?

Are you tired of restrictive diets that have you starting and stopping/ losing and gaining over and over again?

Do you feel like you have tried everything, nothing works for you, and you're scared to fail again?

Are you looking for a simple doable program that is flexible in your real life -- no matter what chaos is happening around you?

Do you feel like you have struggled with your weight your whole life and you're ready to make sustainable change in 2022?

If any of these describe YOU, then sign up now

and walk away with the tools to

simplify weight loss and confidently create BASIC habits in your life that last!

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