I am guilty of remaining safely in my comfort zone as often as possible.

Comfort zone is described as:

A space where your behaviors and activities fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk.

When I became a mom my comfort zone became even more important to me because reducing stress in my life was my top priority. I didn’t want to make life any more difficult than it already was having three kids so close in age. Staying in my most comfortable routine meant I was able to remain consistent and steady because, with less variables I was more successful as a mom. Staying in that place was good for many years while my kids were little.

Now that my kids are getting older, I have realized that it is necessary for us all to experience life outside the comfort of this safety bubble. I have created an awesome thing here for my family to fall back on though  - it’s safety, structure, comfort, and familiarity, it’s HOME.

Home is where they will know they can always be themselves. Now that we have established the “home” zone, we can let them spread their wings and step outside. It can be scary to step out but, it will be reassuring to know that they can step back in at any time.

By stepping out we can learn new skills, we can take risks and be successful, and we can also take risks to feel failure. Learning from our successes and failures will help us grow. Being creative can also be risky and a step outside the comfort zone but trying new things as well as sharing and acting on our creative ideas can challenge us to achieve even more. Being open to new challenges also increases our well being as we get older. Staying steady and not taking any chances will not teach us anything, we must continue to learn in order to grow.

We have comfort zones in all areas of our life. Challenge yourself to step out and explore occasionally. Take action if you wish to see change. Nothing really exciting ever happens in the “zone.” But the zone is always there so you can step back in whenever you are in need of safety, structure, comfort, and “home.”

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