Are you feeling like you are putting in all this work and not seeing any progress?! Let's chat about what you should do when you start feeling this way. Trust me...we've all been there so, you are NOT alone!

This is what I want you to know:

Your progress and your success lies solely in your ability to make food and fitness a part of your real life.

Read that AGAIN!

YOU need to think of something that you can do LONG TERM, every single day and I swear you'll start seeing that progress physically and mentally...

  • Something that you think about but are not consumed by
  • Something that fits easily in your day to day
  • Something that you don't need a break from 
  • Something you don't fall off of -- hello wagons!
  • Something you don't dread or find excuses not to do 
  • Something that doesn't make you feel like you are missing out 
  • Something that makes you feel empowered and confident 
  • Something that you want to model for your kids 
  • Something that others see in you 
  • Something that feels effortless 

With that being said your progress lies a lot in your mindset.

You have to fully wrap your brain around this being something that you WANT to be a part of your life...not something you HAVE to do. Something that you want to do and something that you feel good about on a regular basis!

Lastly, your food matters mamas. Your movement matters. Your BASICS matter.

If you eat more calories than your body burns you will gain weight

If you eat less calories than your body uses you will lose weight. 

It’s that clear cut but there are SO many factors that play into making this happen. But we are not counting calories...It's just not what we do around here. Sleep, stress, how much we move, and many other things also play a part in our weight loss. 

We make this simple, doable and EASY to be consistent. 

Consistency and repetition is the ONE thing that is keeping you from your success and these things that we are talking about are how you are going to see RESULTS!

Repetition is how our brain remembers things

Repetition is how our brain gets used to things 

Repetition is how we improve, get better, learn new things and make lasting change!

But here’s the kicker. Repetition can feel boring, tiresome, and frustrating especially if progress is slow...right?!

And the reason we are not seeing progress is simply because we are giving up too soon!

When things get boring, annoying, frustrating or even overwhelming, we give up on consistency and repetition. We let go and we think we need to move on to something else. THAT is a HUGE mistake! Stick to it - consistency and repetition of the BASICS are the secret sauce.

Let me leave you with these questions that I want YOU to ask yourself. BE REAL WITH YOURSELF.

  • Are you guilty of giving up too quickly? 
  • Are you guilty of thinking things should be faster than they are? 
  • Are you following the BASICS as you should? If you aren't start there. Be consistent and see where that takes you.
  • If you are and you're not seeing results...get honest about the changes that might need to be made and ask for support.

xo, Mel

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