You have probably had a goal, set a goal, met a goal, or thought about having, setting or meeting a goal in the past....right?

The main reason for this goal setting session is this: YOU are here for a reason. YOU are working on something. YOU are focused on getting something or somewhere. YOU have something that you are here to achieve and that thing matters. It matters so much that I want you to decide what it is and put it in writing. Putting it in writing makes it much more REAL

Not only will writing it down be a huge step but, celebrating your success with it will be an even BIGGER deal and this is something that I want to be able to do with you as a community! I want you to see yourself show up for something and make it happen and I want you to see others do the same. 

Your realistic goal can be anything. It doesn’t have to be a goal weight. It can be whatever is on your heart and it should be aligned with the WHY YOU ARE HERE. It should also be timely. It's ok for this to be a year long focus – or longer – real change takes time!!

Outcome based goals are different from process based goals and setting either goal is fine. 

An outcome based or results focused goal example would be to lose 20 pounds. A processed based goal is how you are going to get there… the actions you are going to do and the habits you are going to act on consistently.

I talk a lot about how having a goal is great BUT “the what” you are going to do to get there is even more important and that's what the Real Strong Coaching Club is help you put the basic systems and habits in place to reach YOUR goal!

I read a special chapter out of "ONE Thing" in my coaching club and here are the main take aways: 

"Live with purpose and you’ll know where you want to go. Live by priority and you’ll know what to do to get there. What shall I do? Or what should I do? Without direction, without purpose, whatever you shall do will always get you somewhere. But when you’re going somewhere on purpose, there will always be something you should do that will get you where you must go."

"While we may pull from the past and forecast the future our only reality is in the present moment. Right now is all we have to work with."

"Success in our ability to achieve extraordinary results in the future lies in stringing together powerful moments, one after the other. Even though people prefer big rewards over small ones they have an even stronger preference for present rewards over future ones even when future rewards are much bigger."

"Training your mind how to think, how to connect one goal with the next overtime until you know what the most important thing you must do right now. You’re learning how to think big but go small. Connect today to all your tomorrows."

Here's your challenge: set a GOAL for yourself and join us in the Real Strong Coaching Club to be supported by 140+ other women on similar journeys are you to cheer you along the way as you achieve that goal!!!

I would love for you to come and see all the magic the Real Strong Coaching Club has to offer with a FREE 7-day Trial -- just click HERE to get started: 

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