When we have a baby we instantly change into MAMA MODE and forget about everything other than just being a MAMA. Taking care of this little human we created is the only thing on our mind. But how long can we do this? How long is it OK to just be MAMA before we realize we need to be ourselves sometimes, too. Sometimes we let ourselves go for longer than we should. Making time to be our own person, aside from MAMA, is more important than we think. When we let our health slide, when we eat like crap, when we don’t practice any self care...we get lost.

When you become a MAMA, being healthy, active, happy, and strong is more important than ever. We have children now who need us! So being, a MAMA can’t be the excuse we use to let ourselves go. Instead, it is the reason why we fight harder.

Yes, being a mom is hard.

Yes, finding time for yourself is hard.

But what kind of example are you showing your kids?

Are you showing them that your health is not important?

Are you showing them that it’s OK to let yourself go if you have big things going on in your life?

Are you showing them that you don’t care enough about yourself to take care of you?

When I decided that I wanted to train hard and get strong through lifting heavy weights I made a decision for ME. When I decided that I wanted to build a business sharing my passion with others I made that decision for ME. But, do you know what my kids see? They see me following my dreams. They see me excited to do something that I am passionate about. They see me not giving up. They see me making healthy decisions and taking care of my body. They see me work hard, they see me struggle, and they see me succeed. They see me and they look up to ME.

Notice how not one of these things that I am teaching them by making myself a priority effects them negatively. They are not deprived, ignored, lacking attention, or pushed to the side in any way. They are stronger little people because they are being taught by example.

For far too long, I thought that my only job as a MAMA was to cook, clean, change diapers, and take care of my children's every single need while putting all of my needs on the back burner. Now, I see that by putting ME and my needs into the equation we are all in a better place. They are taken care of by a MAMA who is happy and content with herself in all the best ways. I am taking great care of my family and ME and everyone is much better off.

If it has been much too long since you have done something for yourself, do it for your family. If you have the desire to be healthy, active, and happy but think your kids need their MAMA right now - just go do something for yourself. They need you to take care of you first. You will be a much better MAMA because of it. I promise.

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