The other day I heard someone say, “motivation is feeling”,  just like being happy, sad, stressed, or excited. 

Motivation is a feeling. 

So, with that being said it would be silly to think that we will be motivated all the time… 

Mindset shift.

If motivation is a flaky friend that shows up occasionally or when she damn well pleases -- relying on her to be there when you’re in need is also pretty silly.

Mindset shift.

If motivation can turn on a dime based on things that are completely out of your control - (like the weather) then...

Mindset shift.

Adopting a Real Strong Lifestyle that you are dedicated to -- is a mindset shift! 

How many times have you said,

“I just need more motivation…”

”I need to go back on the (fill in the blank) diet and get back on the wagon… “

If you’ve ever struggled with feeling motivated there’s a strong urge to get back on the wagon to start over on Monday… cuz starting over again feels like the right thing to do.

But mamas, I’m here to tell you:

When you make the decision to change your lifestyle -- you’ll know because...

You’ll shift from searching for motivation to deciding you’re ready to build habits that carry you when motivation is not there.

A real strong lasting lifestyle change comes from accepting that:

The ups and downs

The detective work

Building of habits 

And experiencing life with habits around the BASICS 

is part of the process.

You don’t need more motivation -- you need better systems, habits, and real life strategies that will allow real food and real fitness to FIT in your real life. 

Mindset shift! 


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