When you quit dieting. Like really QUIT dieting and start doing some super simple things like eating better consistently and moving your body daily in a simple doable way… 

You will start exploring what a more balanced and moderate real strong lifestyle looks like in your REAL life and that will feel really good, a little easy, and surprisingly...


At first – just like with anything – you’ll be excited to start something new but the motivation and the newness (just like with anything) will eventually wear off...

Honestly, that might be when you feel like quitting cuz it’s just not as fun and new like when you started...

After years of starting and stopping diets and programs and chasing something new and exciting -- this is going to be a very big reality check for you!!

Balance is BORING! 

The basics are BORING!

Unfortunately, there is no exciting drama in simple, doable consistency and lifestyle change.. 

buuuuuuut mamas, I will take the difficulty of BORING, SIMPLE, AND BASIC over the difficulty of DIETING any day! 

When you quit dieting and devote your food & fitness (the way you eat and move) to the real strong way of life -- you might have a few moments where you have to remind yourself that you are in this for the long haul... 

In past dieting attempts you may have lost weight girl! With changing your habits and changing your lifestyle things are going to happen a lot slower and this may be VERY frustrating...

Let go. 

Trust the process.

Don’t just dip your toe in or use half your ass!!

It’s time for you to commit to being real strong and use your whole ass.. 😉

This is your real life and this is you saying I am ready to quit letting diets rule my life but be warned – you are going to be tempted to diet AGAIN

You are going to see a friend with a “too good to be true” quick fix transformation post and pictures and you are going to wonder if it could be possible for you too..

But here's the thing -- 2 week transformations or 21 days or even a couple months -- these are a dime a dozen.

cuz TRUE transformation – LIKE THE REAL DEAL – happens over time -- seeing someone lose the weight and keep it off a year or even 2 years later -- that's REAL. That's transformation!

It's stories like these that are going to make your journey to quit dieting and be REAL STRONG even harder… but it will be worth it -- just keep your eyes on your own paper and remember that the more distracted and side tracked you get -- the longer it will take you. 

2022 can be different – this doesn’t have to be just another thing that you try and fail – this can be the thing that changes everything.. Whatdya think? Wanna never diet again? No resolutions needed? 

Great! Cheers to you – and to real food & real fitness in your real life – you deserve it! 

Xo Mel 

P.S. Reset sign-ups open on 12/27 – mark your calendar and go enjoy your holiday!


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