Every week I strive to lift heavier than the last. But, lately when back day rolls around I get into my head and freak out a little about performing my dead lifts.I am deadlifting over 200 pounds now and just thinking about it made me stress out. I had a couple of weeks where I performed poorly because I was in my head telling myself how heavy it was and how hard it was going to be.

Then one day I read this:

Change your mindset. Change the outcome.

I approached my dead lift with a different attitude. I got into my head and said, "This is going to be easy. This weight is not heavy. You got this!" And guess what? Changing my mind, changing my thoughts, and deciding to look at the situation positively WORKED!

I haven't struggled with my dead lift since. In fact, I have increased my weight every week and surprised myself at how easy it has been. We can use this mindset change in many areas of our lives. Think about an area that you struggle...diet, exercise, kids, family, husbands, work, self-care, managing your time, and so on.

Diet and exercise are probably the biggest areas for a lot of us. We get into our heads and tell ourselves over and over:

… I can’t do that.

… I will never measure up.

… I will never look like that.

… I am too old for that.

… My body can't do that anymore.

… My body will never be the same.

… I have too much weight to lose.

… It’s not in my genetics.

… I don't know how.

… I couldn't possibly do that.

… It's too much work.

… It's not for me.

… I am too busy.

Over and over these negative thoughts are continuously running through our heads.

What if instead we changed our mindset to think like this:

… I can do that.

… I will measure up.

… I will look like that.

… I am not too old for that.

… My body CAN do that.

… My body is capable.

… I CAN lose the weight.

… Screw genetics!

… I can learn how.

… It's totally possible for me to do that.

… I will work for it.

… I will make the time.


Take out the negative.

Change your mind.

And YOU decide the outcome.

Don't let the outcome be decided by your negative mindset. Change your mindset to think positively and the outcome will change.

I want you to pick one area of your life where you really struggle. Take your negative thoughts about this struggle and change it into a positive statement. And repeat that statement!

Are you struggling with making exercise a priority in the morning? Do you think “I just can't wake up at 5 am to workout, I am too tired.” Change it to “I CAN wake up at 5 am to workout, I will be well rested and will get up.”

Get out of your head!!

You can do this. You can absolutely do this. Make a small mindset change today. Turn one negative into a positive and watch how the things around you suddenly begin to feel more attainable.


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