Let's talk about the simplicity of creating a program that works for YOU. 

This was a quote from a new member that I want to share: 

I'm doing good! I love the 20 min workouts. I really like the RSM plate and how you make the nutrition stupid simple just like you say. I feel like everything I knew I should be doing is finally clicking and seems so much easier now.”

She is finding her plan. She is finding that HER plan is the best plan.

YOUR plan is YOUR best plan -- and what works for me, for her, for each of us is so different...

I have had the privilege of working 1:1 with many women and this is often as helpful for me as it is for them. I learn so much and I am always reminded how different life is for each and every one of us.. 

Which is why it is so important for you to discover what your best plan looks like! 

Moving through the stages of change, habit building, and creating this lifestyle of YOURS is going to take some work on your part as you explore what you need to add more of, take away and change about your situation. 

I could tell you exactly what I think you should do and where I think you should start -- but only YOU know YOU best..

The super special part about creating a plan that works for YOU is that no matter what/when/how something comes up -- it doesn't stop working -- cuz 

  • You created it and it fits for you..
  • You get to modify and make changes as you go
  • You get to start fresh on your terms when you’re ready

Most every other diet/program/plan out there is a one size fits all program. There are going to be a small percentage of people that it works for and a large percentage that it doesn't. The reason behind this is simple...we are all different and what works for me may not work for you.

With that being said Your BEST PLAN and a plan that you love should be starting to fall into place -- 

  • You’re aware of the meal and snack guidelines 
  • You know about the real strong plate 
  • You’re working on protein, fiber, fat and starch 
  • You’re paying attention to the timing of your meals and snacks and how food makes you feel
  • You’re also paying attention to HEC, sleep, workouts, restorative exercise and STRESS and how these impact you daily

Creating a plan you love should also empower you to make your own rules. What are some things you work for every day?! Is it protein at every meal? 3 liters of water a day? 8 hours of sleep?

I encourage you to think about this and make your list that you can always fall back on as YOUR GUIDE. When you do this -- remember to

  • Let go of the need to be perfect
  • Let go of all or nothing 
  • Let go of old diet rules 
  • Let go of what you “think” you should be doing 

And instead think about:

  • What's doable long term
  • What fits in your life 
  • What feels good in your life 
  • What you can be consistent with

Often as the seasons change and at different times of the year your level of commitment may change as well -- but your non negotiables can and should stay the same no matter what if these are simple and doable habits in your life. These habits will carry you and keep you afloat when life happens. The problem with every other diet that you have been on is this...when life happens (which it always does) we let go of taking care of us first cuz the strict rules of that diet can’t be followed.

There are times that it will feel good to be a little more strict with yourself and there are times that you will feel ok taking it easy and letting go of some things. But no matter what...this is a lifestyle that you are creating for the long term, not a diet you follow for 21 days.

Maybe you can relate? To have these thoughts? 

"It's not working."

"I'm doing it wrong."

"Why can't I do this?"

I have tried so many things. 

Why is this so HARD!! 

This isn't even worth it. 

Maybe I should try something else?

Here is the answer: 

The way of eating that is simple, doable and easy for you to be consistent with is the BEST PLAN FOR YOU. Eat that way.

Stop looking for a "better" way. You're wasting time.  

It’s time to create “your way”. Start with my FREE course HERE: Melanielund.com/course

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