There are so many ways that being a detective is beneficial and I LOVE seeing mamas like you have those lightbulb moments that make you stop and go ohhhh myyyy goooosh!! Patterns will start to pop up if you pay attention and you will start to see how paying attention pays off.


Here are some things to consider when being a detective: 


How foods make you feel: 

  • There are some foods that are going to fill you up more than others.
  • There are some foods that may affect you physically. They may make you bloated, gassy, tired, etc… Some might even make you break out OR cause you to feel bad the next day.
  • There are some foods that may change your mood.
  • There are some foods that may cause you more cravings -- trigger foods. 
  • There are some foods that might be buffer foods for you.
  • Some foods may give you energy.


How long do you stay satisfied?

  • Are there certain meals that you know hit the spot for you? 
  • Do you have a couple breakfasts that you know fuel you for 3-4 hours? 
  • Are you taking the time to experiment with this? Giving it 3-4 days?


How do your choices make you feel? 

  • When you make choices that you feel good about, you make even more choices that you feel good about.
  • When you make choices that you don't feel good about does it cause you to make more choices that you don't feel good about?


How sleep affects your HEC:

  • How much sleep do you need? 
  • Sleep is a reset button and we all need it to lower our cortisol and other hunger hormones to help decrease hunger and cravings the next day. 
  • PLUS if we are tired and our body needs sleep but can't sleep it will turn to food for energy.


How exercise impacts your HEC. 

  • How does walking vs running affect your HEC?
  • How does exercise impact your sleep?


How much water do you need?


How does caffeine make you feel? 


What about your digestive system? 

  • Are you eating enough fiber? 
  • Too much?


How stress impacts your HEC, your decision making, your sleep, etc… 


The list can go on and on -- and that is why simply paying attention is helpful!!



  • If you are hungry -- take a REAL STRONG STOP and think about you last meal.
  • If you have crazy cravings and are thrown off by it --  take a REAL STRONG STOP and think about what was different for you yesterday or examine the stress you are under. 
  • If all of a sudden you are bloated --  take a REAL STRONG STOP.
  • If all of a sudden you just don't care about a damn thing -- take a REAL STRONG STOP -- check yourself - where is this coming from -- what life event is throwing you off?


Taking a REAL STRONG STOP is KEY to recognizing things before they get away from us. PAY ATTENTION! All of these things...your eating, moving, and lifestyle impact your HEC and being a detective to find balance. To find your balance is how we create a real strong lifestyle that produces the results we desire. 

Need some help jump starting you detective work? Take my Diet Demon quiz HERE:



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