Are you struggling with ummmm.... everything right now?

This past month or so we have had a lot going on and I have been in a little funk. I thought it was just recovering from vacation, dealing with some family situations, hamsters dying, the gray weather, feeling run down.. and the list goes on and on.

But It seems that a lot of the ladies in my club have been feeling a little funky too and we have decided that the #FebruaryFunk is a REAL thing..

yesterday one of the ladies asked if maybe we were so ON in January that continuing into February when the NEW-NESS of 2020 has worn off had left us feeling a little blah..

and I have to agree.

Starting something new is exciting.
Starting fresh feels good.
Change is a great thing for us.
Re-commitment lifts us up and pushes us..

but REAL life isn’t always a new, exciting, fresh, and a great encourager..

nope.. REAL life can..

tear us down
exhaust us
leave us feeling drained
cause struggles big and small
and make us want to quit..

so here’s what I told the ladies..

even when the struggle, the stress, the emotion, and the FUNK take over..



and do your best..

The last thing you need when the funk gets funky is to let go of the strong daily habits that you have built.

Drink your water
Eat your protein, veggies, fruits
Watch your plate
Move your body
Get your sleep
Surround yourself with REAL strong peeps

Just keep showing up.. cuz when the funk lifts you want to able stand up, dust yourself off and pick right up where you left off.

Need some real strong peeps to hold your hand when the funk gets funky?

Click here mama ??

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