Creating a habit out of something is fricken hard... daily exercise in particular is one that I help women work on all the time...

A lot of mornings I shoot out a post with something inspirational like:


... just kidding just kidding ??

More like:

“Think about how amazing you’ll feel when you’re done”


“Imagine YOU are the type of woman who feels content, taken care of, and just overall better about your day cuz you spend 20 min taking care of YOU each and every morning”

an inspirational post is all good and well and might get yo ass up on occasion but creating a consistent habit out of daily exercise is the goal and you’re gonna need more than inspiration to get there..

Start by creating a trigger... what is habit that you already do EVERY DAY that you can tie to daily exercise?

For me.. it’s getting out of bed and brushing my teeth.. I set my workout clothes right by my tooth brush and immediately after brushing I put them on..


Maybe you want to start taking a walk every evening.. you tell yourself everyday after dinner (dinner is the consistent habit) I will take a walk.


Maybe your doing a plank challenge and you keep forgetting to plank.. tie planking to an already established habit like taking a shower - you see the shower you think PLANK!


Maybe some inspirational tough love like:


is more your style.. and if that’s the case.. the real strong coaching club mamas have got your back ??

Quick click here and tell me in ONE WORD what habit you're currently trying to build and I’ll shoot you a message right back so we can chat!

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