Did you know there are 17 days til spring? Did you know there are just over 100 days til summer!?

SPRING Mama! ☀️☀️

On this COLD ass day in MN ?? lets totally take a moment to think about spring, summer, shorts, tanks, and SUN!

sooooo, other than BRING. IT. ON.☀️???what comes up for you?

Are you worried about having to wear a swim suit?

Are you stressing about that vacation you always want to lose weight for?

Are you thinking about how every new year you make a commitment to feel better by summer and it’s mid February and you’re struggling already?

Could you use a little help over the next few months to move and eat better?

Lose some weight? Feel better? Get STRONG?

 Not a crazy diet.. you’ve done that.

 Not exercise you hate and won’t do.. you’ve tried that too..

Maybe you could use some support?

Maybe you need some encouragement as you make a few simple changes in your life?

Maybe you need a little kick in the booty to START NOW??

Or maybe you just feel so damn confused about this whole REAL food and REAL fitness lifestyle thang that you need the tools to guide you..

I’m here for you.

I’m looking for you.

We’ve got over 100 days.

Let’s do this. Together. Inside my coaching club.

Throw on those sunglasses, toss your hair back and click here -- I saved a special spot just for you so we can head into warmer weather side by side.

xo Mel

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