I have heard this time and time again ---> “My biggest issue is motivation to workout!”

Melanie here, mama to 3 kids who think that flushing the toilet is optional, the floor is a garbage can, the laundry puts itself away, the food just appears on the table and lunches are packed by the...lunch fairy??

If you are a mama awake at 5am with kids who refuse to sleep in...

If you are a mama who’s idea of a meal is scarfing down leftover pb&j crusts and half eaten waffles as you run out the door..

If you are a mama who just needs 10 minutes without someone saying, “moooooom!!!”


  • Motivation is NOT what you need.
  • Motivation is NOT the first step to taking time for you.
  • Motivation is NOT going to make these REAL life struggles miraculously disappear..


Motivation comes after you decide what action you’re gonna take to start taking care of YOU!

In the Real Strong Coaching Club over the last few weeks I have seen mamas incorporate small basic habits like drinking more water, eating more protein and working out for 20 minutes a day, say:


  • I feel more energy
  • I’m less bloated
  • I’m less low feeling
  • I’m not as tired as I used to be
  • I feel proud
  • I feel better about myself
  • I’m sleeping better


You see...they didn’t jump in to the club motivated..

They started adding in a few awesome basic habits -- the habits helped them feel success -- and the success helped them feel better -- and feeling better is motivating!!!


Your biggest issue isn’t motivation anymore it’s deciding where to start!

You can do this mama! I believe in you!

xo, Mel

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