Want to lose weight and change your body? You'll obviously have to change up what you're currently doing. 

How you THINK about these changes is what will determine whether or not you are going to be successful at them or not.

The key to making these changes and feel really damn good about them -- change the way you view them to:

I am making changes from a place of empowerment, contentment, and confidence vs making them from a place of defeat or restriction.

Your thoughts are going to make or break your success. Your thoughts are so important. You get to determine how you think about something. YOU are in charge!

Here's an example for ya -- your toddler brain vs your parent brain 

Maybe you have a healthy meal planned for dinner and when it comes time you just don't think it sounds good. Your toddler brain is going to pop up and say, "Just skip the cooking and order pizza -- pizza tastes better anyway!!" Your parent brain is going to stop and say, "Nope! This is what we planned and we know that we will feel much better after we eat the meal we planned!" Toddlers are so naughty -- LOL 

Bottom line: YOU GET TO CHOOSE.

Workouts are the same way. Your thoughts are going to carry you through these moments and you are going to be so much more successful if you approach your thoughts and choices with a sense of empowerment:

I get to workout. I get to walk. I can't wait to move my body. I feel better when I move! 



The all or nothing mentality shows up a lot in our lives and in the weight loss industry 

You probably know what this looks like in your own life with diet and exercise. It's either chicken and broccoli or pizza and ice cream...

Is Pizza always bad? What if we had a slice of pizza and a big ass salad? 

This is gray area, right?  -- and gray is scary!!

It's easier to think in either ALL or NOTHING. It's easier for our brain to process. It's easier to categorize things as GOOD or BAD.

Moderation is tricky and scary. 

We have to stop looking for the black and white answers -- the gray areas are where we are going to find the answers about what makes sense for us!!

Here's what I want you to take away from this -- if you hear from a fitness professional or are researching a “new diet” or way of eating -- if it says ALWAYS or NEVER or has hard and fast rules -- RUN the other way. 

First we start with the basics and we evaluate where we are at with the simple guidelines that we follow daily. Then, we take a closer look at the gray choices and areas that are affecting our basics and we make small changes to these gray areas so that they work for US.

Only making changes that we know we can make and sustain for the long haul. 

Small changes one at a time = BIG amounts of PROGRESS over time!


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