I have a lot of freckles and when I was younger I really HATED them!

I can remember sitting in front of the mirror crying and trying to scrub them off.

I can also remember being at a store and a child said to his mom “what's all over that girls face?” I would smile and tell him they were angel kisses.. something my mom had always told me.

I wanted my face to look like everyone else's. I didn't want to be different and I definitely didn't want to stand out.

But now 20 some years later I feel much differently about them. They make me different. I LOVE that they make me unique. I love that not everyone has them and that I am one of the lucky few. I feel like my freckles are part of what makes me ME.


Standing out from the crowd can be scary no matter your age but as I have grown I have come to realize that what everyone else thinks about me really doesn't matter.

No one else cares about my freckles.

No one worries about the cellulite I have.

No one cares about my big front teeth.

Not ONE person worries about the funky colic in my hair.

No one is worried about my thick thighs or my big butt.

These little things about ourselves that we carry around day after day are what makes us who we are. In fact these things that we worry so much about could possibly be the things that other people love most about us.

We can embrace our flaws or let them consume us.
I have finally chosen to embrace ME.

I might have freckles and big front teeth but those teeth are a part of beautiful smile on a freckle filled face that my husband fell in love with and my kids adore.

My big butt and thick thighs are full of muscle and make it possible for me to be active and busy with my kids. Not to mention my husband can't keep his hands off ?

All of these flaws are part of an amazingly capable and strong body that has carried and birthed three beautiful children. If that's not something to be super proud of - what is?

Finding confidence in my body didn't happen overnight especially after years of beating it down.

But I have finally come to a time in my life when this is more important than ever. Loving who I am feels good. Embracing me and what I am capable feels peaceful.

It takes a lot of energy to beat yourself up day after day.

Remember that no one cares or worries more than you do. Let yourself off the hook, it's ok.

I want my children to embrace their differences and be accepting of others. I cannot teach them self love and acceptance if I'm not doing the same for myself.

They may not fully understand yet, but they are always watching and learning. They will model what we show them.

Show them that you have love, kindness, and compassion for yourself and they too will develop self love.

Think about how perfect and amazing our children are in our eyes. Wouldn't it be cool if they always felt the love for themself that we feel for them?

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