The number one reason I fell in love with weight lifting is probably not what you think...

In MN when the days are dreary and gray it's hard to be excited about much. As a stay at home mom the months after Christmas and before spring are long and cold and lonely. We can't go outside and honestly I am hesitant to bring my kids places because germs and sickness are everywhere this time of year. We are home bound A LOT.

Being a stay at home mom a few years ago when my kids were really little was even harder, I was very isolated with my little babies and the days were very, very long. Now don't get me wrong I wouldn't trade being home with them for anything but that doesn't mean it was easy. Most days it's lonely, exhausting, and draining. And being a mom was all I did. I didn't do anything for Melanie. I am not even sure I knew who Melanie was anymore. I was just Mom.

I had always dreamed of being a mom. I was the little girl who was obsessed with dolls and playing house growing up. So when I became a mom I was all in - I was super mom. And I didn't ask for help with anything. My way was the best way and I could do it all. And I did. But the longer I did it all the harder it got and by the time we had 3 babies I was totally burnt out.

The three of them after my last baby came, I barely remember this... Such a crazy time!

I wish someone had told me that I would be happier if I took some time for myself. That taking time for myself would make me a better mom. I honestly felt like I HAD to do it all. ALL the time. My husband was helpful and amazing. But he wasn't going to push me to go out and find a hobby or do things for myself. That was all on me.

I have always exercised as a way to lose weight. I didn't do it because I enjoyed it or because it was fun. And when I started lifting weights I was just trying another NEW way to exercise. I was obsessed with trying new workouts and switching things up to lose weight. So when I started lifting I wasn't expecting anything more than a new workout - another new 90 day challenge.

But here I am 3 years later still motivated and awake at 5 am to lift heavy shit. I found my hobby, I found a personal passion for something.

Now I am obsessed with my body and what this capable of - not just what it looks like. Although that is a bonus. I am chasing numbers on the barbell not the number on the scale. And it feels good to finally let that go because for too many years I have been obsessed with my weight.

I have a hobby now and goals and something that makes Melanie happy. I am a better mom because I take time for myself and I spend time thinking about things that are not my kids.

AND, guess what.. my family is surviving. I am doing things for me, for ONLY ME and my family isn't struggling because of it. They are actually better off  because I am happy.

Happy Mama - Happy Kids - Happy Family

So whether weight lifting makes you happy or it's something else that gets you excited. You need to make time for it.

Do what makes you happy Mamas no matter what it is and don't feel bad about taking time for yourself. Your family needs you to make time for YOU. They will be better off if you are happy and content.

So if you have lost yourself in this thick crazy mess of motherhood don't worry you can find YOU again. You just have to take the first step and it's so much easier than you think.

Find ONE thing you LOVE and do that ONE thing as often as you can. Just doing this ONE thing will help you remember that beautiful woman within. Let her live too because when she feels alive she helps you to be the best Mama you can be.

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