This time of year comes with friends, family, food, and many feelings of thankfulness and gratitude from everywhere. I am sure we won’t go a day this week without seeing a post, a blog, or something on TV about someone sharing thanks for the the things that they have.

Just yesterday I read an email from a woman who said instead of sharing gratitude let’s share appreciation. Everyone loves to feel appreciated and this time of year is a good time to share with them just how appreciated they are. I love this. Showing appreciation means we are not only thanking someone for being awesome in our lives, we are also sharing why we think this.

As moms we don’t feel appreciated as often as we would like or probably should. There are many jobs that we do that no one takes the time to notice. I’m going to do that for you today. I am going to share with you all the things that your kids appreciate about you but don’t take the time to tell you...

Dear Mama, I appreciate you and many things you do:

Mama, you have mad laundry skilllzz! The washing, drying, folding, hanging, and putting away is a giant never ending job, I know. Thanks for making sure I match at school and for cleaning my stinky socks. I appreciate you.

I really do appreciate that you feed me. I may not love all the vegetables you put on my plate and I know I act like an ass at the dinner table a lot with all my potty words but I really do love that you feed me and that we sit at the table and eat together as a family. I appreciate the time you spend planning meals, preparing them, begging us to eat them, and then cleaning up after them. I appreciate how hard you try.

I can’t drive so I am glad you can. I appreciate you getting me to school on time everyday while I argue with my siblings, beg to have my window down when it is freezing out, and laugh like crazy spewing words like poop and fart. I appreciate that you drive safely despite the chaos.

Mama, thank you for your help with my homework. I know that every time you say, “it’s time to do your spelling” I moan and groan and tell you I don’t need the practice but I appreciate all the awesome 15/15 tests I have taken and this is because of you and your help. I appreciate the push.

Sorry Mama I say this every time you tell me I forgot to flush the toilet… again. But I have a hard time remembering and I hate the sound of the flush soooo I appreciate you and all the flushing you do for me.

Do you know where my water is? Do you know where my Ipad is? Do you know where my toothbrush is? My blanket? My stuffed turtle? My shoes? How about my backpack? Mama, I know you get frustrated when I ask these things buuut I do appreciate that you almost always know the answer.. You rock mama.

Singing in the car is one of my favorite things. I know that sometimes it’s annoying when we get in the car and I instantly ask you to turn the radio up before you’ve even buckled and pulled out of the garage but when you sing and we sing together it makes me happy and I appreciate you for sharing in the moment with me.

Love. Every single day no matter how shitty I act you show me love. When you put me to bed at night and kiss my cheek in the same spot and whisper “I love you more” I know that you love me and I appreciate your love… more than you may ever know.

Sincerely & with much love and appreciation,  

The tiny monsters you created

Happy Thanksgiving to you Mama, remember that although it seems that motherhood is a thankless job at times… You are appreciated in so many ways. 

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