I started drinking protein shakes a few years ago. I tried tons of different protein powders trying to find one I liked. There were so many different options that I finally settled on a a whey powder that tasted good and didn’t cost a fortune. I didn’t really know what to look for in a protein powder and I based my entire decision around the taste and cost.

After using this same powder for a while I started to experience an upset stomach, bloating, and gas on a regular basis. It was obvious that something I was eating regularly was pissing my stomach off and I finally stopped using the whey and what do ya know? my symptoms improved!

After discovering that it was the whey that caused my stomach upset I switched to plant based protein powders and went on the search again to find the best one. This was even harder. Plant based protein powders taste awful, they are chalky, chunky, gritty and the taste is anything but tasty. I settled on a powder that was OK... It didn’t upset my stomach, the cost was good and the taste was drinkable. This powder had been my go to until now...

Enter Mom Fuel!!!

Recently I became an ambassador for Momsanity so I could share and promote their BCAAS - which are awesome by the way!! Shortly after this Momsanity released their NEW protein powder Mom Fuel!

Mom Fuel is a plant based protein powder and I was pretty skeptical to try it. I was convinced that it would taste like all the other plant based powders out there but it’s actually totally different!

Mom Fuel is amazing!! I am so excited to share this product with you because it is the VERY BEST plant based powder I have ever tried! Not only does it taste great, it blends well, it’s not chalky, and it’s affordable!!

I am a raving Mom Fuel fan and will NOT be searching for any other powder for a long time!

This one is a winner! Grab your Mom Fuel HERE!

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