I think we have all have times in our life where we lose steam and motivation to do the things that once seemed to fit easily into our life. Sometimes these setbacks come from the world around us, like when our kids get sick, our family is busy or we are going through a stressful time at work. Other times the setback happens within us, we feel unmotivated, we lack energy, we feel the winter blues and we wonder “what is wrong with me?” This is normal and I have learned that to come out of these setbacks we need to do a couple things.

First we need to stop beating ourselves up. Setbacks will happen. It’s how we turn things around that matters most.

Next I like to think back to how things were before for me and what has changed.

For example: Before my kids got sick I was waking up early every morning to get my workout in. So now that everyone is feeling better this week I can break that down and plan to get up early 3 days and just see how that goes. Often we look at the big struggle and have no idea where to even start. We think and say, “I am going to get back on track this week.” but we don’t actually establish any actionable steps to get there. Take the big goal and break it down big time.

Pick ONE thing to focus on this week that you can be successful at, one thing that will get you closer to getting back where you want to be. 

After a week or two of focusing on ONE thing and feeling successful it will be much easier to add in another goal or focus and before you know it you will be right back where you want to be.

And the best part? The next time a setback happens maybe it won’t be such a big deal because you will have discovered that these things happen (remember #momlife) and it’s how we roll with the ups and downs that makes us stronger everyday.

Happy Monday Mamas,


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