I'm hosting a FREE challenge in September.

Even tho this FREE challenge is something that I have done before - this year it feels different - probably cuz it's 2020, right? Ever since March we have had highs and lows and ups and downs that have left us feeling dizzy, worried and unsure as all the WHAT IFS just keep coming.

And while there seems to be no end in sight -- we can't keep going the way we have been going.

Something has to give. There HAS to be a point where we say enough is enough and we make the decision to stand back up and #takeitback.

Mama, what is something in your life that you need to take back control of?

Your self care? Your routine? Your schedule? Your food? Your mornings? Your mindset?

The Real Strong Lifestyle is built on a simple BASIC foundation and the FREE challenge that I am hosting is your opportunity to see how the BASICS of REAL food & REAL fitness work in your REAL life.

but in order to do that we have to TAKE IT BACK

-- it's time.

Today's #MorningswithMelanie video is all about what it means to take it back and why we need this more now than ever.

Click the image below, watch the video, and let's get ready to TAKE IT BACK!


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