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So, you're curious about lifting weights as a woman... but what about the nutrition part?

it's kind of important, right?

Chances are if you are serious about learning about lifting weights then you are probably wondering how nutrition fits into the picture. How important is what you eat before, what you eat after, and when??

The Pre & Post Workout Nutrition Guide will help you to navigate your way through the tough questions of pre & post workout nutrition! Inside the guide you will find:


A breakdown of what you need to fuel your body before and after your workout


The essentials to get the REAL results you want. 


REAL Strong Food List


Meal and Snack Options


The REAL "rules" to guide you through the confusion

STOP stressing about pre and post workout nutrition and LEARN how simple it is to incorporate the "right" foods at the "right" times!

Stop guessing & discover how to EASily incorporate the right nutrition at the right time to optimize fat loss and muscle building!

What to eat, when to eat, why to eat, how to eat...

The confusion is real. But it doesn't have to be...

If you have ever exercised at all you have probably wondered if there was a right or wrong way to eat before or after your workout. There is so much overwhelming information out there.. it's hard not to be confused. 

The REAL truth is this: There are no strict rules. 

I want to share simple information and guidelines that will help you make the best decisions to do what works  for you and your goals.


The Myth Buster Series is going to give you The REAL Truth about strong mamas, strength training for fat loss, building muscle as a woman and getting "toned" but this guide is going to help you with the FOOD PART!

And UGH, the food part! THAT is always one of the hardest parts!!

Let me help.

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