Simply Stronger

A 12-Week Strength Training Program For Moms Who Want To Get Stronger, Burn Fat, Build Muscle, and Feel Confident Again

Simply Stronger

A 12-Week Strength Training Program For Moms Who Want To Get Stronger, Burn Fat, Build Muscle, and Feel Confident Again

You CAN change your body with  one simple strategy.

Can you relate to this mama?

You know you need to change your workout method in order to transform your body but you have no idea how to sort through all the fitness information out there without wasting even more time.

You’ve heard all about lifting weights. You’ve downloaded the free guides and sample programs, you’ve scoured Pinterest for different workouts. But unfortunately… You don’t know anything about strength training by yourself. And you’re pretty sure if you keep trying to piece together random workouts yourself, you’ll end up pulling your hair out and quitting completely in frustration.

You’ve tried everything to lose the weight and get “toned”. You get a good start, but it never lasts. You lose motivation and get stuck over and over again.

You wish you could find ALL the information you need to see long term results in one easy-to-navigate place, and stop trying to piece it together on the fly!


Now, I want you to close your eyes and imagine how it would feel to
Finally have a workout program that gives you results you can actually see, body change you have only dreamed of, and strength you didn’t think was even possible.
Discover a plan that delivers long term LASTING results so that you never have to (or want to) change programs again. 
Use a proven system to gain the knowledge to confidently move forward on your fitness journey without needing any help.
No longer struggle with what to wear everyday or having to wear a swimsuit, because now you feel confident and amazing in your strong body.
Put in less effort for more results utilizing only the most effective and efficient exercises.

You couldn't be more ready to finally see change in your body but I know you have a lot of questions!

“Should I really be strength training?”

“I have a lot of weight to lose, shouldn’t I be doing cardio?”

“I’ve tried everything to lose weight and nothing lasts, will this really be different?”

Girl, I know how you feel because I’ve been there, too. When I started out I was frustrated by all the options out there, until I started using the crazy simple method that I’ll share with you in the Simply Stronger program. Without easy to follow instruction and guidance, it can be difficult to sort through all the information and make any progress at all.

That’s why I created the Simply Stronger Program. Now I have a solution that has transformed my body, and I can’t wait to help you create the same lasting results with this strength training program.

Simply Stronger

A 12-week Strength Training Program For Moms Who Want To Get Stronger, Burn Fat, Build Muscle, and Feel Confident Again

Simply Stronger

A 12-week Strength Training Program For Moms Who Want To Get Stronger, Burn Fat, Build Muscle, and Feel Confident Again

If you want to get healthy and fit, Melanie will help you and you will feel successful with your results. She will push you in a nice way so you want to work hard to get the results you want.


Hey, I know you’re feeling frustrated with the millions of workout options out there. There isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t scroll through your news feed and see a friend who is trying out some new program or “green smoothie” challenge. And every time you think… “maybe this can work for me too…” or “is this the answer to my problem?”

But mama, the answer is not in the shiny, new, trendy program. Your answer can only be found in a solution that offers two things: A simple program that gives results you can see and a program that you can stick with long term.

Simply Stronger is that solution. An easy to follow strength training program that gives you the EXACT method to see your body change for good.

No super special secrets, magic pills, or too good to be true BS here... Just a  basic strategy to BURN fat, BUILD muscle, and CREATE changes that last.

Ready to transform your body without all the guesswork of making up your own workouts alone, so that you can finally   get fit and strong?

Simply Stronger

Is Made Up Of:

3 Training Plans So That You Can Develop The Skills Needed To Amplify Your Progress And See Continual Results.

Top Notch Instructional Material + Easy To Learn Demonstration Of All The Exercises.

Foundational Strength Training Resources For Learning All The Nuts And Bolts Of An Effective Program.

Thank you so much for your guidance and support. You have helped me become someone I never thought was possible. I am a strong and confident woman due in large part to you! You helped me find the woman I have always dreamed of being but didn't know how to find.


Hi, I’m Melanie!

I am a busy mama of 3 who turned my experience and passion for strength training into a second career as an online personal trainer and fat loss coach to support mamas like you.

I’m here to help you finally create the results that you have been looking for.

My personal mission is to help you stop the constant search for “the next best thing” and start using strength training to become the strong, fit, confident mama you have always dreamed you would be. I started my business helping women 1:1 overcome their struggles with food and fitness. And while I love the work, I really wanted to share my knowledge of strength training with more people. I want to empower women to learn to lift weights and get phenomenal results on their own.

Forget the endless hours of cardio and long treadmill workouts, it’s time for you to see how strength training can change in your body once and for all.

That’s why I created Simply Stronger. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish once you join us!

Who Is Simply Stronger For:

Who Is Simply Stronger For:

Women who are just getting started strength training and are looking to change their body with heavy weights for the first time. If you are looking for a long term solution, Simply Stronger will give you the only tools you will ever need.

Seasoned women weight lifters looking to boost their results. The best part of this program is it can be used when you are just getting started and continued for the rest of your life.

Busy mamas who are tired of wasting time. Sick of endless google searches for complicated workouts that you don’t understand? This program is all about getting your workout done in the most effective and efficient way possible so you can spend more time doing the things that are most important to you.

Who Is Simply Stronger NOT For:

Who Is Simply Stronger NOT For:

Mamas looking for a quick fix. If you are hoping to buy this program and change your body overnight, you’re in for a rude awakening. Just like anything that offers real results, you’re going to have to put in the work to see the payoff.  

Simply Stronger

is A One-Time Payment of $19.97

Frequently Asked   Questions

I want to get the most out of this program but I am a busy mom with little time, what is the time commitment?
Don’t worry, I get it!! Finding the time as a mama can be difficult but no matter what program you do, you will need to make a commitment, right? This is a 12 week program that requires a minimum 4 day commitment. The strength training workouts are 30-45 minutes and the cardio workouts are 20 minutes.
I don’t belong to a gym and I am not sure I am ready to join one. What equipment do I need?
An ideal set up for this program would be a power rack with a barbell and access to multiple sets of dumbbells. Access to a gym would give you the best options but I started my strength training journey with a few sets of dumbbells and a small bar at home, I want you to be able to do the same! Bare minimum equipment required is a variety of dumbbell weights (light, medium & heavy) or a set of adjustable weight dumbbells. Barbell exercises can be subbed with dumbbells but the stronger you get the heavier weights you will need.
What if I am not lifting weights at all?
Then you are in the right place! This program is designed to take you from not lifting to lifting for life.
Will I actually see change in my body in 12 weeks?
I know it’s hard to believe that you have found a program that will actually give you the results you have been searching for but the answer is YES!! You will absolutely see your body change in 3 months of lifting heavy weights -- get ready to see some muscles!!
I can’t start the program now, how long will I have access to it?
You have lifetime access to the course and all the materials in it! So choose the right time for you to get going and start when you are ready!
How do I incorporate this program with the Real Strong Coaching Club?
The Simply Stronger program will have you lifting heavy 4-5 days a week with the addition of 2 HIIT cardio sessions -- while using the program you can use club workouts if you choose on your non-heavy lifting days as well as use the group and me for support!


I wholeheartedly believe in Simply Stronger and I want you to feel good about trying it out for yourself!

That's why I have a 100% Risk Free Guarantee. You can try Simply Stronger for 14 days, and if you aren't satisfied, just ask us for a full refund.

What Happens After I Purchase?

Once you submit your payment, you’ll receive a welcome email and a separate email with your membership site login information. You will have instant access to all of the Simply Stronger Program once you log in.

Finally become the fit, strong,  confident mama that you know you are meant to be!

I feel stronger and more capable. Less fearfully about losing my balance or footing. I have considerably less pain in my joints and muscles.


Disclaimer: My role is to support and assist you in reaching your goals as it pertains to this program, but your results will be entirely a result of the effort, actions, and inactions you choose to make on your own. I make no claim that I will cause or effect you achieving a particular outcome as a result of the program and you acknowledge that all results vary from one individual to another.

Any testimonials presented here are from real clients or people who can speak to my work and character and are here for illustrative purposes only, not to imply or guarantee any result for others.

The workouts here are for educational purposes and you follow them at your own risk. Please speak with your physician before starting the program. Real Strong Mom LLC assumes no risk for your voluntary participation in this program.

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