Ready To Transform Your Body Once And For All?

If you’re sick of never seeing lasting results, or if you’ve "tried it all" before but haven’t been able to stick with it, I totally get it!

With the FREE Beginner Strength Training Guide for Women, you'll be able to:


Lose the weight and get toned so you can finally become healthy, strong, and confident in your body


See more results in less time without spending hours in the gym, fad diets, or 21-day fixing yourself


Discover an effective strategy that lasts instead of wasting time guessing at your workouts

It's Time To Ditch All Those Wasted Hours On The Treadmill Mama And Gain Back Your Confidence, Energy, And Sanity For Good

Hey, I'm Melanie!

I help busy mamas - just like you! - who’ve “tried it all” finally become healthy, strong, and confident in their bodies once and for all. When I started out I was frustrated by the lack of results I was getting from my workouts, until I started using a simple strength training program that I will share with you in the guide.

Now I am seeing my body change like never before, I am losing weight and building muscle easily, and I can't wait for you to see the exact same results in your body.

A Beginner's Guide To
Strength Training



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