Walking is a BIG DEAL in the Real Strong Coaching Club! Not only is it great for your health but, I believe it's enjoyable and also good for the soul. Here are simple and interesting ways to go for a mindful walk:


#1: Take an Environmental Walk 

This mindful outdoor walk is all about the power of observing the world around you. As you look around, notice a few of the objects in your surroundings and think about them individually. For example, there's a small bird or that’s a leafy tree. Simply noticing and acknowledging nature is a wonderful way to bring yourself into the moment and notice things you might not have seen before.


#2: Experience the Senses Walk

During this mindful walk, take some time to experience each of your senses. 

  • What can you see? There’s likely to be an abundance of colors, shapes, textures and objects all around you.
  • What can you hear? Loud noises, dogs barking, traffic, voices, wind, or birds? 
  • What can you feel? Is your hair tickling the back of your neck or are your shoes rubbing against your heels? 
  • What can you taste? Are the flavors of your last meal still sitting on your tongue?
  • What can you smell? You might like to stop and smell the flowers and trees you come across or simply inhale the refreshing scent of the air.

Deliberately tuning into the senses allows us to be more mindful.


#3: Follow Your Movement. 

Notice the sensation as each foot peels away from the ground, moves through the air and connects to the ground. Try slowing down if you’re finding it difficult to concentrate. Often we don’t think twice about the movement of walking however it can be a great way to focus your mind if you pay enough attention to it. You can also take the time to notice how walking influences other parts of your body, such as when your arms swing and the movement of breath in and out of your body.


Remember your mindfulness practice is flexible and the beauty of the journey is finding what works for you! 

Some days being still and doing nothing might feel perfect. But some days, it might not, and maybe you will prefer to take a mindful walk. 

Simply find whatever helps you to be present in the moment and just go with it. 

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