I know it can often feel like you don’t have a minute to yourself until you crash into bed at night. So, to even think about fitting in self-care…whether it’s time for reading, exercise, cooking, taking a bath, flossing your teeth or doing your nails… 

It just seems like you’re adding one more thing to the to do list...right?

When you’re already feeling short on time, resources, and energy it can feel like too much no matter how much you feel Iike you need it. Here is something to remember through these feelings: Self-care is NECESSARY!

Just as necessary as breathing — self-care should be non-negotiable in our life. Which means that we are no longer trying to “fit it in” Instead, we need to be intentional about making it happen! We don't find the time. We MAKE the time. 

We stop assuming others know what we need and we take control of OUR self care. Just taking this little bit of time —a free moment here or there or a half hour alone can open the doors to you feeling better about giving away so much — because you truly deserve to TAKE too. 

Self care comes in many forms at many different levels. 

There is free self-care. There is paid self care. There is self care that takes hours and others like taking a deep breath or sitting in the bathroom just a leeettle bit longer — that can take moments or only minutes. Self care isn’t just spa days, massages, and getting your nails done. It’s prioritizing what you need in that moment. It’s taking what you need in that moment and not feeling guilty about it.

The better we are at being intentional about our self-care -- the easier it becomes a part of our lifestyle and daily life. We level up as time goes on as we recognize the importance of this necessity in our life. Just like so many things we do, self care is a habit that we need to build...something we work on being consistent with daily, weekly, monthly. In order for self-care to be rooted in our lives it has to be an everyday thing… something we work to develop naturally and effortlessly… something we practice often!

Self-care is not an occasion. It is a lifestyle and it takes work, trying, and practice... intentional practice to get to a place where it becomes just who you are.

Take a moment to think about the last time that you took some time away for you.

What did it feel like when you got back? Did you feel rested? Did you feel clear headed? Relaxed? Excited to see your family? Time apart is just as important this time together. You fill up. Even if it’s only a 20 min walk. It allows you to be more present in every situation when you take the time you need for other things.

Be proactive about taking this time. Sometimes the need for self-care doesn’t become apparent or seem as urgent when things are going fine. Then, all of a sudden it’s like watch out! Our tempers will fly and panic will strike. All of a sudden we will feel the need to get out, to run away, and to be left alone.

Let’s try to get ahead of this with little things. Little things that feel good and little things that we need in that moment.

You know after we get consistent with simple things like: 

  • Taking a deep breath 
  • Flossing our teeth 
  • Shutting off our phones at a decent time 
  • Spending time outside 
  • Taking walks 
  • Moisturizing 


Then maybe we level up...to whatever feels good for you.

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