Real Strong Mom hosts a 3-day RESET a few times a year to introduce new mamas to the BASICS! Each day for 3 days we dive deep into the Real Strong Mom program to give others an idea of what the RSM PROGRAM is all about! Over the past several weeks we have re-capped what a RESET looks like and today, we are finishing up our series by chatting about #BasicSuccess!

Now that you've learned the basics of the BASICS...let's talk about how you can continue to see success by joining the Real Strong Coaching Club -- a month to month investment to gain access to an exclusive group where you will continue to learn how to build your own real strong lifestyle. PLUS -- you're going to surrounded and supported by the most incredible women who are going through a similar journey as YOU!

What do you get in the RSCC? 

  • Access to our members only portal with all the resources they need for success
  • 4 new workouts for the beginner and advanced each month + access to 100’s of archived workouts 
  • New fitness & nutrition challenges/focus each month 
  • Weekly LIVE chats
  • Zooms for support, accountability, planning and for FUN! 
  • Private Facebook Group (club members only) to ask questions and interact with other members
  • Daily Access to Melanie -- your coach! 

If you are hesitant to invest in another program because you have been there done that, I want to tell you that your family can't afford for you to not take care of you. So, if you are even slightly interested in seeing if the Real Strong Lifestyle is for you...they’re looking for you to take the lead!

Now that you've completed the RESET blog series...what are the things that made you stop and go hmmmm I never thought of that? Or dang that's a good idea...It’s good to reflect on how far you have already come and where you want to take it. We call these AHA moments

Bottom line whether you choose to join us in the Real Strong Coaching Club or not -- your success lies in consistency with the BASICS. You do not need anymore information. You need support and accountability and we can help you with that!

Are YOU ready to challenge yourself and commit to the BASICS?! Join the Club HERE!


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