Real Strong Mom hosts a 3-day RESET a few times a year to introduce new mamas to the BASICS! Each day for 3 days we dive deep into the Real Strong Mom program to give others an idea of what the RSM PROGRAM is all about! We are going to recap the RESET in a series of blogs starting today with the #BasicsOfTheBasics.

The Real Strong Plan:

In the Real Strong Coaching Club we DO NOT DIETWe create a lifestyle around food and fitness that fits in our real life so that we can get the results we want to see without having to white knuckle our way through hunger, cravings, low energy, and long drawn out workouts. 

We do this by focusing on the BASICSThese are the things that will help us lose weight, get strong, and see RESULTS no matter what time of year it is, how busy we are, or whether or not we FEEL motivated! This means -- NO BS

The Real Strong Mom program is built to give you the tools you need to start eating and exercising for fat loss. This is REAL food & REAL fitness in your REAL life. 

You are not counting calories or macros. Simply use the meal guidelines and the Real Strong Plate as a starting place and make changes as you go in order to do what's best for you, for balancing your HEC (hunger, energy, and cravings) and achieving your results.

Sooo, what are the BASICS???

The Real Strong Basics:

  • Water: “Just drink the damn water!!”  is something that you will hear us say a lot in our group. Water is always the first BASIC we focus on and the one we come back to most often when we are stuck. This is because hydration is super important but also --  it’s an easy & healthy BASIC to accomplish and also to be successful with. 
  • Plate: The Real Strong Plate is the most important piece of nutrition information in our program that you need to learn and follow. Filling your real strong plate is simple, doable, and easy to be consistent with no matter where you are. No need for colored containers, scales, or apps to track and measure -- all you need to do is visualize the plate. In addition to the plate we know and understand the importance of protein, fiber, and the impact that the timing and amount of starchy carbs we eat has on us.  
  • Movement: 20 minutes of movement every day is recommended and 4 times a week we suggest Real Strong Mom Workouts -- a mix of high intensity and heavy weights (rest based training) that allow you to get the most out of 20 minutes. 
  • Restorative Activity: On the days that you are not doing your RSM workouts and even on the days that you are -- we encourage as much stress relieving restorative activity as possible. This can range from walking, stretching, sleeping, yoga, etc…  
  • Detective Work: Creating YOUR program and a lifestyle around food and fitness that works for you in your real life no matter what starts with experimenting. You get to be the detective and use the information that you gather to design the best, most simple and doable plan that fits for you.
  • BONUS BASIC 80/20: Liking how you eat makes the way that you eat sustainable long term! We make sure that we enjoy the food we eat by eating according to the 80/20 principle. 80% of the time we are using the real strong plate and filling it with lean proteins, fruits and veggies. 20% of the time we are enjoying life and eating the foods we love in moderation. This is an extremely important part of long term success that prevents us from feeling restricted and deprived.

The reason that these BASICS work is because they are guidelines to help you find a way of eating that is do-able over time. Your job is to eat, exercise, and live in a way that keeps your hunger, energy and cravings in check. You simply need to soak in the simplicity of the BASICS and understand a few other key things: 

  1. We are each unique and what works for one person may not work for another. You are working towards creating a program that's specifically built for you by you and THAT IS SO COOL
  2. If you like the way that you eat and move and create a program that works for you around those things then you should never feel like you need to take a break, binge on the weekends, or let loose. You’re developing a way of eating for life. You are creating a lifestyle that you are proud of. You are making changes that will last long term..


With that being said -- it’s going to take time and work and keeping it simple is huge and necessary. 

Starting slow is key. 

More is not better. 

Don’t take on too much.

Keep it doable. 

Work on consistency. 

And THAT Is the key! I am giving you all the tools to have sustainable success. The consistency piece is going to be the hardest part. You are going to need dedication and you’re going to have to give it time -- to trust in the process and keep going. I’m not asking you to restrict your calories and exercise your ass off for just a few weeks. These are lifestyle changes. 

Some of my girls will take months to see a drastic weight loss but will instantly feel the changes in other ways. Some will see change right away and take months, even years to change their mindset and forget old diet rules. Some ladies won’t lose any weight but you’ll see pictures of them before and after and be shocked at the difference. Some ladies will find freedom in doing things their own way and will finally feel empowered to do things they never dreamed they would do. Each of them on their own journey will experience things in a different way but something that holds true among them all is this: 

They took the time. 

To trust in the process 

And believe in the BASICS 

To make long term choices 

And follow the guidelines in a way that works for them. 

They challenge the BASICS

And continue to do so.

BIG NEWS --- RSM is hosting a RESET this FALLLLLL -- which means youuuuuu can learn more about how we do things using the RSM program for FREEEEE! #StayTuned Join the Real Strong Mom Squad on Facebook so you don't miss it!!!

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