Real Strong Mom hosts a 3-day RESET a few times a year to introduce new mamas to the BASICS! Each day for 3 days we dive deep into the Real Strong Mom program to give others an idea of what the RSM PROGRAM is all about! We are going to recap the RESET in a series of blogs over the next few weeks. Today, we are chatting about the #FitnessBasics!

MOVING in general is so good for you, right?! If you have exercises that you love in your life already, that's amazing and I would never discourage you from doing something that you love. I just want to introduce you to a new way…a way that you may find helps you break through a plateau, see change in your body, and experience change that you have been spinning your wheels trying to find..

I want you to know HOW and WHY Real Strong Moms move their body. I am going to break this down into 5 VIP things:

(1) We move our bodies in 2 extremes here in the Real Strong Coaching Club. We do this to be efficient with the effort we put out in order to keep our hunger, energy, and cravings balanced. (We are going to learn more about HEC later but it’s important for you to start paying attention to how all of this is connected)! 

The more high intensity exercise we do the more our body is going to need fuel, which shows up for us as HUNGER.

We want to spend 20 intense minutes in a super effective way! The rest of the time we want to be moving our body OFTEN in a less intense, less stress on the body -- kind of way…

(2) The ONE extreme: RSM WORKOUTS! In the Real Strong Coaching Club we get the most out of 20 minutes with high intensity, heavy weights, and a whole lotta JAZZ.

TWENTY MINUTES…you’re reading that right! We don't need to be spending hours in the gym to get an effective workout. This is useful for busy women who don't have time (or the desire) for long drawn out sessions. Let’s commit to working smarter, not harder from here on out!

We make the most out of our 20 minutes using rest based training. RBT is different from HIIT. It allows YOU to decide when YOU need to rest vs. prescribed times of high and low intensity. In our club workouts we use 1 min intervals. During these intervals you push and rest to your own ability. We say “PUSH UNTIL YOU CAN'T AND REST UNTIL YOU CAN” . So, you push with intensity and when you can't push anymore then you rest. Needing to rest is actually a good thing. It means that you are pushing yourself and so we say REST IS SUCCESS!!

When you rest there is no stopping the clock or pausing the video -- you rest and get right back into it when you can. Some signals that we use in the workouts to make sure that we are getting the most out of the workout are the Bs & Hs. These are breathless, burning, heavy, and heated. You want to be breathless, feel the burn, use heavy weights, and get HOT!

(3) THE OTHER EXTREME: RESTORATIVE EXERCISE The best restorative activity that you can do, that is so good for you and so easy to do each day no matter where you are -- is WALK!!!

Walking is a big BASIC in our community. Not necessarily how many steps but just walking more! Other restorative activities include yoga, stretching, swimming, and really anything that relieves stress in an active way.

(4) Equipment Using weights in my workouts was the biggest AHA moment for me. After years and years as a cardio junkie with very little change to my body, I started using weights in my workouts and was blown away by the changes that I was seeing. Not only did I love seeing change in my body but, I was also seeing change in my confidence and the way I was feeling about myself. Being strong in the gym transferred to feeling strong in so many areas of my life.

That being said, I would like you to have a couple sets of dumbbells. A light, medium, and heavy weight set would be ideal but, I want you to use what you have and start. When I am on vacation I use gallons of water as weights. Be creative with what you have around your house to get started.

(5) Modifications Don’t be afraid to just start where YOU are at. We are all at different fitness levels and abilities. Meet yourself where you are and know that everything we do can be modified AND when you modify, you get stronger every single day.

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