Real Strong Mom hosts a 3-day RESET a few times a year to introduce new mamas to the BASICS! Each day for 3 days we dive deep into the Real Strong Mom program to give others an idea of what the RSM PROGRAM is all about! We are going to recap the RESET in a series of blogs over the next few weeks. Today, we are chatting about the #MindsetBasics!

Mindset can be such a game changer and your mindset on creating daily habits that last and what you do daily is a big big deal. Your consistency with the BASICS is way more important than what you do once in a while. One day is a drop in the bucket when it comes to your overall success in this lifestyle. What matters more are the choices you make day in and day out...the HABITS that you create that become who you are and what you do MOST OF THE TIME.

Your Mindset On Commitment 

  • You have to learn that adapting to every situation and utilizing the basics in these situations is how we feel in control no matter what.
  • This 80/20 real strong lifestyle doesn’t start and stop.
  • We show up ALWAYS. NO MATTER WHAT. This means it might not be perfect…and that has to be ok.
  • The habits you have built, the things you have learned, the changes you have made don’t quit working when the situation is not perfect or the seasons change.
  • THIS IS REAL FOOD IN YOUR REAL LIFE. These situations are actually a true test to YOUR perfect plan.
  • If your “plan” is only doable in the perfect situation with the perfect timing and perfect circumstances then this is not the perfect PLAN for you!
  • You won’t hear me use the word perfect very often because perfection does not exist. So, with that being said, the “perfect” plan can fall apart or need to be modified at the drop of the hat. Be prepared for that and know that it's just part of the plan to have to be constantly adapting! 

Your Mindset On Moderation

Don't fall into the cycle of overdoing it & beating yourself up! Do not begin restricting again to get back in control! If you overdo it, it's fine. You're not a failure! MOVE ON! We are not dieters and we know that:

  • No foods are off limits and all foods are available at all times in abundance.
  • Restricting leads to binging. 
  • The more you CAN'T have something the more you WANT that something. 
  • You are always in control and you always get to decide.
  • You get to be the detective every situation. Use the way you feel in the moment and have felt in the past to make the right decision for you.
  • You CAN eat treats, you CAN enjoy, and then you can move on with your life. No stress. No anxiety. No guilt.
  • There is no right or wrong decision here 
    • I can have that if I want it. 
    • Do I really want it? 
    • If the answer YES your choice is perfectly acceptable 
    • You’re a grown ass woman who can eat a treat or whatever it is any time she wants

Your Mindset On Belief

I can give you all the tools in the world to help you create habits around food and fitness that last but they won't last if you don't believe that they will. If you don’t believe that this is the lifestyle for you and that you are actually working towards something that works, you will get impatient and try to rush the process. Trust me, this won't work. If it was quick we would take that route obviously but it's not. You have to believe that balance, moderation, 80/20, and the BASICS are something you can truly be on board with and WILL lead you to your goals.

You need to be talking to yourself like this:

  • This is a change that will last
  • This is who I am now
  • These are habits that are long term changes for me
  • I am worthy
  • I am capable
  • I CAN and WILL make a lifestyle that doesn’t require me to diet 

Your Mindset On WHY You Want This

  • You have to want this...bottom line 
  • You can't just say you want it 
  • You have to really FEEL it
  • You have to desire change in order to work closer to your goals 
  • And you have to know WHY you want this to feel a desire to DO the work 
  • Your why is important!! I want to leave you with that to ponder.

WHY are you here? 

What are you feeling? 

How is your mindset shifting? 

And why does it matter? 

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