I have noticed recently that members of The Real Strong Coaching Club have been chatting about feeling "funky". Ya know that feeling I'm talking about? When you just do not feel like yourself and you may feel like you have no idea how to get yourself out of it? Even on our toughest, darkest, funkiest days there are new opportunities around us but we have to be willing to see them and then we have to grab them!

Here's a truth bomb - The funk is very REAL (you are NOT alone!) and I have decided to turn around the negative emotions and try to make some positive changes. Cuz dang, the beat down does come with some honesty -- I have to admit!

So, when you're feeling down and need some ideas on how to feel less "funky", our members of The Real Strong Coaching Club have GREAT ideas to help fight the funk:


  • Enjoy your coffee on the couch without any distractions (if ya can)
  • Go for a long, refreshing walk (BONUS: take a walking buddy!)
  • Focus on eating healthy foods to fuel your body
  • Plan out your week/create yourself a schedule for meals & working out!
  • Do some relaxing yoga
  • Take a nice, warm bath
  • Do your favorite 20 minute work out
  • Crank up your favorite tunes for a dance party
  • Drink the damn water!! Hydrate yo'self, girlfriend!


Here's my challenge for you over the next few weeks...Everyday, I want you to think about what makes you stop and think -- OH NO — NOT TODAY FUNKY FEELINGS!!!

I really encourage you to make a little time for yourself every day, even if it's just a few moments to sit, breathe, and relax. Stay strong, mama! You got this!

xo, Mel

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