Are you finding yourself feeling frustrated that you aren't seeing any improvements in yourself and you're just not trusting the process? Let's start by listing out some things that may be getting in the way of your progress:

1. Too many BLTs (bites, licks tastes) -- you may not even be aware of all the things you’re
putting into your mouth

2. Not eating enough protein -- (or foods that control your hunger)

3. Not drinking enough water

4. You're drinking your calories -- juice, sugary teas, alcohol and pops

5. Drinking too much alcohol or not realizing or accounting for the amount of calories you consume when you drink

6. Not waiting to eat til you’re hungry

7. Not eating mindfully or stopping when you're satisfied

8. Over estimating portions

11. Too many snacks

12. You are binge eating or over doing it on the weekends or eating out

13. You are stressed and not managing it well

14. Not sleeping well or enough

15. You have a bad attitude

16. You have a medical condition that requires you to watch things a little closer

17. You’re being impatient

18. Your have unrealistic expectations

19. You’re so focused on dieting and losing weight that you’re not creating lasting habits

20. You’re not pushing yourself in your workouts

21. You’re overcompensating for exercise -- “I exercised so now I can eat more”

How do you start over? How do you start fresh? You had an off weekend? You had an off day? You had an off month? No matter the time that’s gone by, You can start fresh. NOW.

1. Start small but mighty. Pick ONE thing that you KNOW needs your attention...that you KNOW if you had ONE solid week to focus on this thing then you’d move the dial. The more tiny wins that you can build, the more confident you will feel, which leads to
bigger and better wins.

2. ONLY worry about that one thing each day for a week! If other things happen (which they will)...great, refer back to #1. Small wins lead to confidence and confidence leads to bigger and better wins. So, while you may only be laser focused on one thing, you will see other things fall into place. But, DO NOT TRY to add more and more to your plate. ONE thing at a time or you will take on too much and get overwhelmed.

3. Stop thinking that what you are doing is not working and remember that these things take time. One thing at a time is the only way to see lasting change and create a lifestyle that you can manage long term.

4. Write your focus down daily. Then write the action steps that you are going to take to make it happen. YES I said daily!! Writing it down every day will help bring it to the front of your mind and keep you focused.

5. When your ONE mighty focus feels like a good established habit -- move on to the next. Add something new -- go to step 1 again.

You have the power to change AND change is haaaaard!! But, not a single change can happen without first a willingness to make change a priority.

Here's your challenge - know that YOU are worth the time and effort it is going to take to create #bigchange for yourself by making small tweaks in your daily habits!

xo, Mel

P.S. In just a few short weeks RSM is hosting a #BackToBasics 3 Day Reset -- you might just wanna mark your calendars for 9/15 -- it's going to be EPIC -- and perfect for back to school and transitioning from summer to Fall! Stay tuned cuz sign ups open 9/5!

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