Too many health and fitness programs preach restriction, removal, cutting back and taking away things from our diet and our daily life… but NOT in the Real Strong Coaching Club.

In the club, our focus is on adding more of the right things vs always preaching less of the other things. When we work on adding MORE of the BASIC things we know are BEST more often... then we automatically have less room for the other things.

Let's talk about autopilot thoughts, actions and reactions we have on a daily basis.

The majority of our life is very unconscious living… the habits, the routines, the choices we make are more often than not autopilot thoughts and actions and reactions.

  • What are your autopilot thoughts?
  • What are your autopilot actions?

  • What are your autopilot reactions?

You can ask these questions about any and every situation. We have automatic responses to how we handle just about anything. Without thinking, your body and mind will respond a certain way to most things. Let me list some situations that could pop up at any time for you -- and I want you to recognize your immediate and first thought, possible action and reaction..

  • Stress
  • Boredom

  • Chaos

  • Changes in the weather

  • Your annoying brother in law

  • A flat tire

  • A mean grocery clerk

  • Finding out your credit card was stolen

  • Learning a family member is sick

  • Traffic

  • Food choices when there is no time to cook

  • Lack of sleep on a busy day

  • The dog pooping on the floor

The list can go on and on obviously… some situations more common than others but, life is ALWAYS happening and we are ALWAYS thinking, acting and reacting.

When life gets busy and chaotic a.k.a. REAL life is just happening... What are your autopilot thoughts, actions and reactions?

What if we went #BacktoBasics and made those BASICS more autopilot in our life? Here's some ideas on how we can do that:

  1. Make the BASICS your lifeline -- just like on the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire -- the contestant is given 3 lifelines -- and besides themselves these lifelines are their biggest helpers -- think of your BASICS like that!
  2. Show up for them -- even when you don't want to. STICK TO THEM!
  3. Recognize that these things take time. Autopilot thoughts, actions, and reactions are not developed overnight. They are developed over time. Your current autopilot thoughts actions, and reactions are ingrained in you. Some from a very long time ago -- changing them will take work and time!

This is deep stuff. This is thought work, action work and reaction work that each of us has to make on our own but, just pausing to think, “You know what... I DO want to make the BASICS more autopilot in my life consistently” is a good start!

When we start showing up for the basics consistently, we start to see how these things feel in our life. They start to become part of who we are AND THEN the BASICS on autopilot happen MORE effortlessly.

xo, Mel

P.S. RSM is hosting a 3 day RESET on Sept 15th -- stay tuned for sign ups coming SOOON! 

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